Top Standard Decks - June 2023

ChrisCee June 6, 2023 3 min
Top Standard Decks - June 2023

This particular period is quite interesting for current Standard, as it is the first week after the initial bannings last May 29th. While the data is sourced for the last 30 days, most entries are actually already adjusted for the banned cards, even if the meta is still determining the most optimal readjustments. As we move over to the next 30 days though, the previous top Rakdos builds would have to make way for newer entries to fill the supposed older "niches." 



Standard Tournament Meta - Top 8 Decks

Azorious Soldiers made an excellent recovery this time, returning to the top ranks and reclaiming its spot as the first (and most popular) by a significant margin set at 38.46%. It is followed very closely by Red Deck Wins, which also technically enjoyed a positive rebound at 15.38%, though not as dramatic since it kept a comfy spot in the last few months. Esper Raffine now has to sit at third, dropping quite hard, and now also at 15.38%.

Azorius Soldiers

38.46% of the Meta

Red Deck Wins

15.38% of the Meta

Esper Raffine

15.38% of the Meta

Weenie White

7.69% of the Meta

Selesnya Aggro

7.69% of the Meta

Mono Blue Tempo

7.69% of the Meta

Mono Green Aggro

2.56% of the Meta

Selesnya Toxic

2.56% of the Meta


Standard MTGA: Best of Three - Top 8 Decks

To nobody's surprise, Esper Midrange moves once more to the top of the Standard BO3 meta, at a welcoming 14.95%.  Mono Blue Tempo made the more striking entry, jumping to second place at 11.34%. Mono Red Wins stays flatly in third place, the same as last month, with an inclusion rate of 8.76%. Last month's top placer, Grixis Midrange, is nowhere to be seen for this month's Top 8. Mono White also loses steam to shifting trends, falling off at the edge of the top 8 from being last month's second.

Esper Midrange

12.70% of the Meta

Mono Blue Tempo

10.58% of the Meta

Mono Red Wins

9.52% of the Meta


6.88% of the Meta

Azorius Soldiers

3.17% of the Meta

Five Color

2.65% of the Meta


2.65% of the Meta

Mono Red Wins

2.12% of the Meta


Standard MTGA: Best of One - Top 8 Decks

BO1 remains the domain of Mono Red Wins, with two spots, top place claiming 9.86% of the meta, and fourth place getting 3.80% at the start of this month. Selesnya Enchantments and Mono Blue Tempo come in between, at 8.13% and 3.99% of the meta, respectively. Rakdos Control stabilizes at fifth place, while Mono Black Midrange falls at the very edge of the top 8 rankings.

Mono Red Wins

14.17% of the Meta

Selesnya Enchantments

8.29% of the Meta

Mono Blue Tempo

4.09% of the Meta

Rakdos Control

3.22% of the Meta

Mono White Soldiers

3.05% of the Meta

Azorius Soldiers

2.89% of the Meta

Mono Black Midrange

2.55% of the Meta


1.80% of the Meta


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