The Best Wilds of Eldraine Bombs in Limited

ChrisCee September 2, 2023 4 min
The Best Wilds of Eldraine Bombs in Limited

Wilds of Eldraine might not have the most bombastic updates in MTG Standard, but it sure did deliver in improvement, showcasing the new flavors of this familiar whimsical plane. One minor problem, though, since Wilds of Eldraine Limited is shaping up to be a very interesting entity of its own, we felt like more choices are technically viable for the "bomb" category.

And so, we'll skip the third tier bombs altogether to focus solely on tier 1 and tier 2 bombs. Don't worry, uncommon and common bombs are still here for the show.

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Tier 1 Limited Bombs Overview


Notable Entries

(one for each available color)


Spellbook Vendor

Plays somewhat like Luminarch Aspirantimage.  Sure, you can’t stack roles on a creature. But that’s okay, because once it’s already put this Role on each of your creatures, you’re probably going to have an insurmountable advantage anyway. If left unchecked, this will just win games.


Talion's Messenger

Looting on attack is a powerful thing, as we just saw in Lord of the Rings, because it is essentially a Connive effect. Not only does this improve your card quality while growing on its own, it also lends its ability to other Faeries too. In most cases, you’ll have another Faerie in play often enough when you play the Messenger that it will have an immediate impact on the board.


Ashiok, Wicked Manipulator

You’re not exactly going to trigger the pay life effect, but the +1 and -2 are both so good that it doesn’t really matter. The ultimate is kind of an afterthought here, mostly because you will want to get real cards with the +1. Might be useful in rare situations, if you can use the card's +1 twice to immediately fire the ultimate. But then again, it is an upside on a card that is already nuts without it.


Decadent Dragon

A 4-mana 4/4 with Flying and Trample that spits out treasure is already an excellent card. So, the fact you can cast this as an adventure at some point too is absolutely perfect. When you have the time to cast both halves, this is going to generate a 3-for-1 for you.


Gruff Triplets

6 mana for three 3/3s is already a pretty nice rate – it adds a ton to the board and makes removal look bad, but things get even sillier thanks to this death trigger, which will make your other triplets larger and larger. They have trample too, which is another thing your opponent needs to worry about with this card. The only direct downside is its triple green mana requirement.


The Goose Mother

Not exactly the same as Hydroid Krasisimage, but it makes a pretty good impression. It scales all game long and becomes even more of a flying threat – that also pumps out an increasingly impressive amount of food, which you can not only use to gain life, but also draws cards. Pay at least 2 for X for a great minimum return on value each turn.


Tier 2 Limited Bombs Overview


Three Blind Mice - Like most great sagas, it impacts the board right away. By the time you reach Chapter 4, your mouse army already gets buffed (and whatever else you have). Things get exciting if you can use chapters 2 and 3 to make something better than a 1/1 mouse.

Horned Loch-Whale - Lagoon Breach is removal, even if it is situational, and then the whale is certainly beefy enough to trade for something, so we’re talking about a 2-for-1 here. And it is pretty much always an imposing board presence

Lord Skitter, Sewer King - A three mana 3/3 that hates on the graveyard isn’t bad, and the fact Skitter churns out Rats is pretty nuts. Even if they can’t block, they give you the ability to pressure your opponent and they provide excellent sacrifice fodder.

Thunderous Debut - This is really bad when you don’t Bargain, as an 8-mana draw 2 doesn’t even close to moving the needle. That being said, bargaining this is easy enough, and the format has enough ramp, that Thunderous Debut would likely still create a huge impact when you cast it.

Elusive Otter - Either side of this would be good on its own. So stapling them together is pretty awesome. If you need a one drop, Elusive Otter can do the job pretty well, and if you draw it late you can put a bunch of counters on your stuff first.

Hylda's Crown of Winter - This is a pretty spicy take on Icy Manipulatorimage. It’s pretty great that Hylda’s Crown can tap things for free when it’s your turn. Especially if you tapped something at the end of their turn, and then you do it again on your turn. On top of all of that, the Crown’s ability to tap things plays especially well in a set where there are a handful of cards that pay you off for tapping things.


Uncommon 'Bombs'


Twisted Sewer-Witch - You pay 5 mana here for at least 5/6 worth of stats across two bodies. And sure, one of those bodies can’t block, but that’s still completely insane! And we're not even accounting for other Rats on the field. A card worthy of being a Tier 2 bomb, but we'll just place it here for categorical consistency.

Two-Headed Hunter - The combat trick side will alter combat significantly, usually enough for it to be in your favor, and then in the later game you get a reasonably efficient creature. This is another Adventure that has very real 2-for-1 potential.

Gingerbread Hunter - Sure, Puny Snack isn’t the best removal spell in the world, but when it’s attached to an efficient creature who also spits out a Food token, it doesn’t really matter.


Common 'Bomb(s)'


Torch the Tower - This is premium removal already, even without Bargain. With it, it’s even better, as it can become a one mana deal 3. Don't worry about the sacced permanent too much. This format has a variety of tokens and other expendable things with these types of cards.


Other Card Ratings for Wilds of Eldraine Limited

You can try and visit our complete list.


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