Signature Spellbook: Chandra Preview

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By: Kagros - 04 Jun 2020

Wizards has announced the contents of the new Signature Spellbook. This time, it features our flagship Red Planeswalker, Chandra!

Signature Spellbook: Chandra is a collection of eight cards plus one premium foil version of one of those eight cards at random. It's the ideal way to show your love of Chandra, stylize your Commander deck, or just help the world burn—in a good way.

Signature Spellbook: Chandra will be available in English exclusively at local game stores beginning June 26, 2020.

Card Discussion

Chandra, Torch of Defianceimage is likely the most powerful red Planeswalker printed and saw a lot of play while it was in Standard. It was a popular card in Pioneer up until recently and sees occasional Modern play.

Cathartic Reunionimage is a Dredge staple and sees play whenever that archetype is played.

Fiery Confluenceimage sees occasional Legacy play and is a useful Commander card.

Past in Flamesimage is played in Modern via the Storm deck and is one of the main enablers of the deck.

Pyroblastimage is an iconic card that is played in Legacy and Vintage which allows red to interact with counter magic.

Pyromancer Ascensionimage doesn't see much play anymore, but it used to be used in Modern when Modern Horizons dropped.

Rite of Flameimage is a fun little card in Casual formats. I honestly don't know where else this card is played.

Young Pyromancerimage has seen play in all formats it's legal in. Mardu Pyromancer used to be a strong deck in Modern and Pyromancer is still used in Legacy.

In my own opinion, these cards look amazing and the frames really make these cards pop. The cards inside are also a good selection of cards that are played across all formats.

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