Ravnica Remastered Anime Cards Complete List

ChrisCee December 15, 2023 1 min
Ravnica Remastered Anime Cards Complete List

Ravnica Remastered is the next set in MTG that would once again feature cards with anime-inspired artwork. There are 30 of them total, and each will be available as an alternate special borderless version of the selected Ravnica Remastered reprint.

Styles are just as varied as regular prints, of course, but the MTG card selections themselves were quite peculiar. Anyway, take a look at the complete list below:

Card Quicklist

(arranged by card number)



MTGA Assistant

Visual Spoiler

(arranged by card number)


Most Impactful Anime Art

And the winner for the best art in terms of impact goes to.... Ral Zarek Pack Rat!

Hands down, the best on this list. No arguments, period.



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