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Mythic Rare Podcast Episode 2 - A Sit Down with MTG Jeff

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By: Gapollard1 - 05 Oct 2019

The Mythic Rare Podcast Episode 2!

Thanks to everyone for checking out the first episode of the Mythic Rare Podcast earlier this week and we hope you enjoyed it. For episode 2, we are changing up the format and having a 1 on 1 sit down with MTG Jeff! MTG Jeff is one of the fastest growing content creators in Magic, and currently has around 18k subscribers. He focusses on playing some jank brews, and creating decks that are just simply fun to play. We really love his attitude towards the game, and are very excited to present this interview as our first featured content creator.

In the interview we talk about the state of Standard, and hopefully provide you all some insight that will be helpful for the Standard event this weekend. We also talk about Throne of Eldraine in general, and provide some really cool combos and ideas that you can  build around. It is always interesting to hear someone who plays the game full time describe their impressions of the current meta, and Jeff had some really interesting thoughts.

Additionally, we dived into some other topics, including how Jeff decided to get into Magic, and the YouTube channels he ran before this podcast. The last twenty minutes however I thought was phenomenal, as we dived into a discussion about a lawsuit YouTube is facing that could cut ad revenues by up to 85% for some content creators. Jeff was extremely passionate about this subject, and it really came across in the interview. This is a pretty huge issue that most people havent heard too much about yet, so its great that he is putting the information out there for everyone to hear!

Jeff is a really smart guy, and a great advocate for the game, so we definetly recommend you check out his channel here: 


You can also find him on Aetherhub!

About the Mythic Rare Podcast

The Aetherhub Podcast is hosted by Graham Pollard and The Icon Willy B. Graham got into Magic at his summer camp when he was seven and has been playing on and off ever since. Within the last year, however, he has started taking the game much more seriously after getting into MTG Arena. Will is a newer player to the game, who came to Arena after being extremely passionate about E-sports in general, and immediately fell in love with it. The hosts previously ran a regional radio show in Asheville NC, which focused more on sports, pop culture and general trending topics. In addition to Magic, both hosts love Football, college sports and being outdoors. Will is a big anime fan, and Graham enjoys any movie with Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise. Both hosts are super excited in the direction that Magic is heading, and are ecstatic to be a part of Aetherhub and the gaming community as a whole.

Make sure to follow our Twitter account to stay up to date on everything the Podcast is doing! @MythicRarePod





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Tom Cruise as a cowboy lol now I've heard it all.
oh noooo
Nice! Loved the first episode can’t wait to listen to this one.

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