Murders at Karlov Manor Set Information, Latest Updates, and Spoilers

ChrisCee January 26, 2024 6 min
Murders at Karlov Manor Set Information, Latest Updates, and Spoilers

Murders at Karlov Manor is MTG's 99th expansion, a set that would feature a smaller-scale conflict within the already-visited Ravnica plane. Its global release date is on February 9, 2024.

UPDATE: General MKM spoilers are now available!

(Article will be updated as more info is revealed)

               Expansion Symbol


Expansion Set Code: MKM
Commander Set Code: MKC
Special Guests Set Code: SPG
Set Size: 276 (base set total)
Release Date(s): February 6, 2024 (MTG Arena), February 9, 2024 (Tabletop)
Card Legality: All formats (special subsets excluded)
Development Codename: Polo



Amidst the grandeur of Karlov Manor's gala, Teysa recruits Kaya for a crucial role, reminding her of a debt owed for missing the recent Phyrexian invasion. As the evening unfolds, Kaya navigates the intricate social dynamics of the Orzhov Syndicate and encounters Investigator Kellan, shedding light on ongoing investigations. A disruptive incident involving a Gruul centaur exposes deep-seated conflicts among the guilds. Seeking a moment of respite, Kaya contemplates her role and the changing faces of Ravnica. However, Teysa interrupts with urgent information, and a scream pierces the air, prompting Kaya to rush towards the disturbance...




Basically a modified version of Morph. Disguise lets you cast a card with the ability face-down for three colorless mana, and it becomes a 2/2 0-mana-value creature. Tough this time, the creature has Ward 2. Like Morph, you can turn the creature face up any time for its Disguise cost, with the moment of facing up itself not added to the stack.


Visually looks similar to quests and sagas. But instead of just passing turns for each effect, you have to clear its activation requirements before all effects are usable. So, the first ability is used as it is cast, and then you have to "solve" the case by clearing the indicated requirement. Once it is solved, you are now free to use the last ability, whether it is a triggered or an activated one.


Another modified version of Morph, where you instead put a card face down via (another) spell or activated ability. Again, the face-down card has Ward 2 and can be turned face-up, albeit you need its original casting cost instead. Depending on the effect, non-creature spells may be affected by Cloak, for example using Etrata, Deadly Fugitiveimage. But in those instances, the card can never be turned face up, since a creature card is required.

Collect Evidence

A cost alternative mechanic that allows you to pay in the form of a designated total mana value of cards exiled from the graveyard.  For example, instead of paying mana for Ward, you may instead be asked to Collect Evidence. For Axebane Feroximage, that means you have to exile cards from your graveyard with a total mana value of 4 or greater or else any effect that targets it is countered. 


A returning mechanic that was first introduced in Shadows Over Innistrad (2016). It creates Clue tokens with "Pay 2 colorless, Sacrifice this artifact: Draw a card."


Adds Menace to a targeted creature and prevents it from blocking. The effect usually remains active so long as no other condition or effect removes i.

Basic Landcycling

It allows the player to search for basic lands instead of drawing a card when cycling a particular card with such an ability.

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Important Dates

Story Episode 1
December 5 (2023)

Remaining Story Episodes
January 8-18

Start of Debut and Previews
January 16

Commander Deck Previews
January 24

Card Image Gallery Complete
January 26

MTG Arena Streamer Event
February 1

LGS Prerelease
February 2-8

MTG Arena Release
February 6

Global (Tabletop) Release
February 9



Murders at Karlov Manor will be sold in Play Boosters, Collector Boosters, Bundles, Prerelease Packs, and Commander Decks.

Play Booster Box

Collector Booster Box


Prerelease Pack

Deadly Disguise Commander Deck

Revenant Recon Commander Deck

Deep Clue Sea Commander Deck

Blame Game Commander Deck


Preorder Bundles

Will be available as soon as the set officially comes to MTG Arena. Card details to be unveiled as soon as spoiler season begins: 

Massacre Girl Pack Bundle


  • Massacre Girl sleeve
  • 50x Murders at Karlov Manor packs
  • 5x Golden Packs
  • Massacre Girl depth art card style
  • Massacre Girl card
Alquist Proft Play Bundle


  • Forensic Thopter companion
  • Alquist Proft sleeve
  • 2x Player Draft tokens
  • 1x Sealed token
  • 5x Play-In Points
  • Alquist Proft depth art card style
  • Alquist Proft card
Kaya Pass Bundle


  • Kaya sleeve
  • Murders at Karlov Manor Mastery Pass
  • Kaya depth art card style
  • Kaya card


Initial Spoilers

(includes reprints)



Debut Spoilers

(Main set only)



Debut Aftershow Spoilers

(Includes surveil lands)


Featured Commanders Debut Spoilers


Special Guests Sneak Peek



Ravnica: Clue Edition Sneak Peek

(includes reprints)



Other Scheduled Previews and Spoilers

Where to find Murders at Karlov Manor Previews

You can also check out our Spoiler List later after the debut stream.


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