MTG Lord of the Rings Commander Decks: The Best Reprints - Toxic Deluge & More

Genoslugcs June 14, 2023 3 min
MTG Lord of the Rings Commander Decks: The Best Reprints - Toxic Deluge & More

We're two weeks away from the MTG LOTR crossover set hitting shelves, and the deck lists for the commander precons just dropped a few days ago. The reprints are always an exciting part of these products, and these decks are loaded with valuable and highly playable cards. So, without further ado, let's jump into the best reprints from the Lord of the Rings commander decks.


The Best Reprints From the Lord of the Rings Commander Decks

There are a total of four commander precons for this set, and each one has some high-dollar inclusions. As well as several playable dual lands of lesser value that players will be happy to have, and the staples like Sol Ringimage, Arcane Signetimage, & Command Towerimage. It's worth noting that many, if not all, of these cards will drop some from the current prices because of being reprinted. So, be sure to keep that in mind.

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Food And Fellowship

the lord of the rings commander precon "food and fellowship"

The Abzan (white, black, green), partner commander deck, Food & Fellowship has around five reprints of decent value (including the overall most valuable) and several playable lands in the $2-3 range. Here's what you can expect to find if you pick this up.

Toxic Deluge - $20


Anguished Unmaking - $6.50


Birds of Paradise - $6.75


Essence Warden - $4


Sunpetal Grove - $4


Sanguine Bond - $3.80


Riders of Rohan

the lord of the rings commander deck "riders of rohan"

Riders of Rohan is a Jeskai (blue, red, white) Human Tribal deck helmed by Eowyn, the Shieldmaiden. Being a tribal, this one has some essential tribal-theme staples that will go in many decks. Here is what you can expect.

Door of Destinies - $15


Combat Celebrant - $13.50


Shared Animosity - $8.50


Vanquisher's Banner - $7


Herald's Horn - $6


Supreme Verdict - $4.80


 Elven Council

the lord of the ring commander deck "elven council"

Elven Council is all about what you'd guess from the name - Elves and diplomacy. Simic (green & blue) have some of the most expensive cards in the game, and quite a few Elves fetch a pretty penny too. I expect this will be one of the more popular Tales of Middle-Earth commander precons.

Heroic Intervention - $18.50


Swan Song - $12


Elvish Piper - $6.80


Lightning Greaves - $9.50


Rejuvenating Springs - $10.50


Asceticism - $9.50


Genesis Wave - $6


The Hosts Of Mordor

the lord of the rings commander deck "the hosts of mordor"

If you like playing the bad guy, this is your desired Lord of the Ring commander deck. Sauron himself is at the helm (as a 9/9 with trample), and there are Orcs, reanimation, and ring-tempting. It's in the Grixis colors (blue, black, red) and contains some nasty reprints. Here's what Sauron brings to the table.

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Reanimate - $15


Scourge of the Throne - $12.50


Treasure Nabber - $10


Living Death - $3.50


Basalt Monolith - $3.50



I must say, I'm rather impressed with the Lord of the Rings commander reprints. Toxic Delugeimage, Reanimateimage, Scourge of the Throneimage, Heroic Interventionimage, and Swan Songimage are all huge reprints. My only complaint is that Toxic Deluge isn't in the Sauron deck, but only because it seems like a nice flavor win.

Comment below and let me know which deck/reprints you're most excited about or what you hoped to see that didn't get reprinted. Personally, I'm stoked for Comabt Celebrant and the tribal pieces because I'm building the jankiest Vampire Tribal deck with Olivia, Mobilized for Warimage, turning creatures that aren't vamps into vamps. And Comabt Celebrant is going in!


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I am looking to mount a tribal deck with Anwon the thief of the ruins May to highlight it in duel commender could you help me?
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