Layout 2.0 and Team Aether open for Twitch Affiliates and Partners

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By: andreliverod - 12 Mar 2019

Team Aether is now open for onboarding via as we are now partnered with Opera Event. Aetherhub Layout 2.0 is also coming in late March.

A lot of work has been done the last months behind the scenes in addition to our weekly updates. With our new partnership with Opera Event we give Twitch Streamers the opportunity to join our Twitch Team and at the same time get micro-sponsorships with third parties and also other benefits on Aetherhub. Read more on this after we talk about a big update coming this month.

Aetherhub Layout 2.0

It has been 2 years now since we launched back in 2017. We have come a long way since then and changed the graphics multiple times, but the main Sidebar layout has always been the same. With our CSS Framework Bootstrap 3 starting to get dated and us wanting to build a more efficient, quicker and simpler layout, we decided that now is the perfect time to start converting to Bootstrap 4. While changing the layout would in no way require us to upgrade to version 4, we think it is the perfect time to do so now. We have completed a lot of Aetherhubs base functionality and before we start on our next plans this is a good phase to stop and get everything upgraded before continuing. Waiting will only make it more of a challenge at a later point since it is a lot to go through.

Stuff is going to break... a lot of stuff is going to break

Oh yes, it is inevitable. We do hope that we can catch most of the bugs before deploying, even though it is going to be a lot. I expect every single page on the site to be broken in some way. Not only is there a lot of new functionality in version 4 but they have removed a lot of central elements from version 3, not only that but they have also renamed classes and changed the way they work completely. Then you have a lot of custom fixes we have done for stuff that did not exist in the old version that they now have in the new one. Let us not get started on other CSS libraries we have deployed that rely on Bootstrap 3 and we have to upgrade, maybe replace since some are not supported any longer.

It is a weird feeling of anxiety for something you have put on hold for a long time, together with a strong feeling of determination of overcoming a huge challenge of leveling up the site. So far the determination outlasts the anxiety, we will see how that plays out the last week of March when I have taken a full week off my daywork to concentrate 100% on converting Aetherhub.


So how is the new site going to look? What is the reward here? The reason I am so determined to get this done is that I am really hyped for the new look, It is was quicker and easier to navigate on both a Desktop and on mobile. When we first build the site we did not have a lot of sub-menus and it made more sense that a click on the DeckHub would bring you directly. If you want a taste of how Aetherhub Layout 2.0 will look like, look no further.

Team Aether is now joinable for Twitch Streamers

Now over to something that has already been deployed! Twitch Affiliates and Partners can now join Team Aether by clicking this link.

There are several benefits to join as a streamer, both community benefits, getting the option to get Micro sponsorships via Quest Mode and several perks on

What is Quest Mode?

  • Quest Mode is a new way for your fans to interact with BitBossBattles for FREE. They can complete quests from sponsors to earn the following: Sub points for a Twitch subscription in your channel
  • Gift a sub to another audience member
  • Make donations in your channel for free
  • Earn “damage” to use against the BitBoss

Quest Mode Benefits

  • Let viewers go on quests in order to earn FREE Bit Boss damage, FREE gift subscriptions, and FREE monetary contributions for the streamer!
  • Viewers can earn Sub points by completing in-game quests. Earn enough points and they get or give a Free Sub of any level. They spend sub-points to earn a sub, or gift to a friend.
  • Viewers can also earn BitBoss damage points by completing in-game quests. Then they spend those points in the fan portal. They can become the new BitBoss with effort, not money
  • The way this works is that Opera Event is working together with a number of sponsors.
  • Viewers can earn Free Tip money by completing the Quests. It can be anything from tweeting about the game/service, reaching a certain level in the game or finding easter eggs. Some sponsors offer more than just Free Subs points and Free Tips, they also offer high dollar gift cards.

Aetherhub Benefits

  • Twitch Partners gets free Lifetime Content Creator Status on (Msg an admin on the Discord if you are a Twitch partner)
  • Your stream will be added automatically to our New live bot on Discord
  • Eligible to be part of the AetherHub Sponsorship Calendar
  • Let your viewers follow you on Aetherhub Social Platform (Coming soon)

Community Benefits

After joining Team Aether you should add the Twitch Team on your Auto-host list in your Twitch Dashboard. You can find this option under Settings -> Channel. Turn on "Host team channels" and also "Auto host channels", this helps your own stream grow and at the same time you help other people in the Community.

Get in and network early

We have just opened the registrations and will be focusing on recruitment in April and moving forwards, establishing yourself now and connecting with other streamers and viewers right now is easier now than it will be later. We look forward to seeing you, and you can find me in our Discord if you need help with anything.

About andreliverod:

Founder and CEO of, he likes to play with fire and also has a Twitter account he posts his stuff on. If you are interested in supporting him on Patreon you will also receive an premium subscription!

"Nuts & Bolts Spike spends his energy looking within. He tries to understand his own internal flaws and works to improve them"


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