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Content Creator - Booster Therapy

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By: Game-Jester - 19 Jul 2019

For my first article I chose work with the most soothing Youtube channel I know of and that my friend, is Booster Therapy.  The only way it could be better is if Morgan Freeman himself was to commentate.  If you have the itch, they have the cure for that pack crakin' addiction.  Seriously tho, these guys are a lot of fun and have tons of good content.  If you like watching MTG openings and some deck techs you should check out these guys.  I've been watching these guys for a while now, and I consider them a staple in my Youtube line up.  Side note, they also got a God Pack on camera, it was amazing and the reactions were priceless.

Serious Questions:

Name - Booster Therapy

Tagline - Your cure for that pack crakin’ addiction 

Number of people involved - Just us two

Real life names - Patrick and Brett

What is your story? Patrick and Brett are life long friends that grew up together and learned magic together during the Urza block. As you watch our content you’ll get a feel for more of our story of who we are and what we’re all about!

What type of content do you make? The bulk of our content is booster box opening and sealed product opening with commentary.  We also have commander deck techs by Brett and some other videos with music only without commentary with pack openings.  We are looking to expand future with Arena streams for drafting and standard play.  

Who is your market audience? Anyone who wants to be entertained with pack crackin’ openings.  You’ll have a combination of Brett and I together in some videos and individual videos to get a couple of personalities on the channel.  

How long have you been making content? We started the YouTube channel on September 1st of 2018.

What got you into making content? We both got back into opening up booster boxes in 2018 and decided to film it and send it so the other could watch.  Brett lives in Madison WI and Patrick lives in Minneapolis MN. After completing the video we figured maybe others would want to see as well and so the channel began.

What is special about you and your content? We bring a fun and (relatively) family friendly content to our viewers and try to keep negativity out of our channel while still bringing a personality.  Both Brett and Patrick started magic circa the Urza’s block and then went on hiatus and didn’t return for several sets. Brett got back into magic a few years back again and Patrick didn’t return fully until Core 2019.  

Regarding what makes our content special:  If you’re looking for regular videos with fun commentary and great insight you’ve come to the right place.  We love to interact with our fans and don’t plan to stop interacting even if we happen to get big. Generally, you can expect to hear back from us regarding anything the same day.  


MTG questions: (Where’s Fblthp? - I dont know you were supposed to watch him!)

Favorite single MTG color?

Patrick: Green  

Brett: Black

Favorite card?

Patrick: Rancor Rancorimage

Brett: Wild Mongrel Wild Mongrelimage

Favorite format?

Patrick: Standard

Brett: Commander

Favorite MTG set?

Patrick: Urza’s Saga

Brett: Odyssey 

What is one thing Wizards can do that you think will make the game and/or the community better? 

One simply thing they could do not only to make the game better but also a better branding thought would be to include more Arena codes in their sealed product.  Also, it would be great to see them bring back more lottery card and/or God pack type of ideas for their sealed product.  

Regarding the community it would be great if they could do more to get involved with smaller content creators who are already and more than willing to promote their product often times for free. 


Fun questions: 

Favorite villain?

Patrick:  Might have to go with Ursula (she might be the hero though)

Brett: Venom

Favorite movie?

Patrick: Tough call but all-time nostalgia with Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Brett: The Lost Boys

Favorite color of ice cream? (My bad I made a typo in the question :P)

Patrick: Just give me that chocolate

Brett: Color? Not sure, flavor Cookie Dough!

Boxers or briefs?

Patrick: briefs 

Brett: Yes

Did Han shoot first?

Patrick: Han shot first but Greedo had it coming

Brett: The winner always shoots first

What is worse, waiting in line at the DMV or waiting in line at airport TSA?

Patrick: DMV.  At least if I’m at the airport it might be for a fun reason.

Brett: DMV

If you were stranded on an island for 30 days would you survive?

Patrick: Booster Therapy would survive…Patrick would not. 

Brett: I feel like Patrick’s chances increase if we’re both on the island for 30 days? I’m pretty determined, I don’t see 30 days beating me :)

Tell me something funny or slightly embarrassing that you wouldn't mind everyone knowing? 

Patrick: Until last year I played with my lands in front on the board…it’s how I learned to play as a kid.  It turns out people don’t like this but I’m going to continue to build my land wall to protect my creatures (not my best quality).

Brett: I used to Lava Axe creatures...


If you like what you read and want to check out some of their content, below is where you can find them.

Twitter link - https://twitter.com/BoosterTherapy

YouTube link - https://www.youtube.com/boostertherapy

Patreon link - https://www.patreon.com/BoosterTherapy


This wraps up my first of hopefully many articles on content creators.  Being a content creator is hard, a lot of work and stressful.  If you have a content creator you enjoy tell them that, it really means a lot.  It makes my day when someone tells me they like something I made or did.

Thank you for reading my article.  I have never been a good writer and this is WAY outside my comfort zone, I apologize if there are mistakes, typos, and broken rules.



The Game Jester



About Game-Jester:

Magic is one of the best games ever.  It allows us to be creative, meet new people, be part of an amazing community, and have fun. smile



The Game Jester





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Every FNM I go to I am putting my lands in front of my creatures, enchantments, etc..I am going to annoy the adults that play. >:)
Very nice article. Enjoyed it immensely.
I think you did an excellent job, and Patrick and Brett are 2 of my favorite pack crackers in the community! Looking forward to more articles on more excellent creators!
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