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Everyone has complained at least once about being given homework and thought, "Why do I need it?"
School, college teachers and university professors would be happy to cancel all homework once and for all, but it is simply impossible. Because homework is not a whim of the teacher, but the key element in learning. In any learning process, the main thing is not the professor's explanations (no matter how talented he or she is!), but the student's independent work. 

But we have to agree that sometimes there isn't enough time for homework. And that's when students turn to services like this one: https://studybay.com/english-homework/. They make life much easier for students. However, it does not cancel the fact that he or she should not mindlessly sumbit the work when the time comes, but get a good look at it and be aware of everything that is written there, and understand everything.

The following good habits will help you to do homework faster:

Work done, have your fun
The practice of getting things done first, then resting and doing what you want to do saves time and serves as a strong motivator to avoid distractions and complete tasks as quickly as possible.

The Nine Cases Principle
The gist of it is that you establish a goal for yourself for the day to complete nine cases: one large, three medium, and five tiny. The distribution of work is entirely up to you, but the most essential thing is that all nine instances are completed by the end of the day. You can progressively learn to correctly allocate time and enhance productivity with this strategy.

The 90/30 rule
Its essence is to set aside exactly 90 minutes to do tasks, followed by a half-hour of rest. The cycle then repeats itself. The major stipulation is that you must be actively engaged in business for the entire 90 minutes.