Guide to MagicFest Las Vegas
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31 Jul by BotherShawn

Going to MagicFest Las Vegas: Did you forget to book a hotel? Where should you eat? Want something to do when you are done with Magic? BotherShawn talks about his experiences while in Vegas

MTG Arena Codes
MTGA News 

28 Jul by BotherShawn

(Last updated July 28, 2019) Looking for a simple place to fill all of your Arena Code needs. This article will be continuously updated so bookmark it and check-in frequently.

How BotherShawn Hit Mythic Under $275
Arena Standard Competitive 

16 Jul by BotherShawn

Follow BotherShawn and his journey into hitting Mythic after only being on arena for three months and spending only $255. *results may vary*


My name is Shawn and I am a new content creator for I have been playing Magic for 15 years. I stream Magic a minimum of two days a week on Friday's & Sundays's from 6:00 PM to Midnight EST.