The Aether League 5

Constructed: Standard
Players 3 Rounds 2 Current Round 0

Tourney Date 7.December 2018 (1 PM EST / 6 PM UTC)
Aether Leauge is held Every Friday! 

The Aether League is a competitive seasonal league for MTG Arena players. Weekly results count towards a cumulative result every season. 

Free Entry w/ Prize Support at end of Season
Swiss best of 3 with a maximum of 5 rounds

Swiss means that you play all rounds, even if you lose. Your combined record each week will be added to the league stats for establishing a Seasonal leaderboard. Your final results in the league are based on how many points you have. The more you play and the more matches you win during the season, the higher up you are placed.

MTG Arena only supports best of 1 in Direct Challenge but we are playing best of 3 against each opponent. This means that we do not have any control over who goes first each round and also if players only use sideboard from 15 cards. To prevent cheating we will, therefore, allow everyone to change their whole deck between rounds and games. You can sideboard if you want, but there is no guarantee the opponent is playing the same deck. This way we can prevent cheating and there are no decklist requirements. If you only have one deck, you should make different variations of the deck so you can easily swap between them between rounds if you feel you have a bad matchup.

Host Stream:

With a maximum of 5 rounds, the tourney will take between 4-5 hours if fewer people have joined the rounds will be adjusted accordingly. The round timer is available in the browser and will tell you how much time is left. We play 50minute rounds. If you and your opponent does not manage to finish within the time the result will be a draw 1-1-1. Pay attention, if everyone finishes before the time the next round will be immediately paired.

How do we run it? 
To participate, show up on the Friday stream starting 1 PM EST / 6 PM UTC. You can pre-register now or type !tourney in the chat Friday to join, signups will be open for 10 minutes before we start the tournament. You need to have this tournament page open under the whole tournament so we can confirm you are live and send you the pairings and time left in the round.  You report result by clicking the report button when you are done. Everything is done in your web browser. You can ask the stream host if you need help with anything by typing tourney or Twitch chat.

Put in your MTGA username when you register and your opponents can click easily click your username and add it in-game. There is also a tourney chat in the browser available for you to communicate with other participants. The streamer will also participate in the rounds and a Youtube Highlight video will be made after the tournament and posted in this description.

Team Aether Discord Community:

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