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Chibi Angel Card Binder

Chibi Angel Card Binder

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Protect your cards with the Chibi Angel Card Binder. It comes with a zipper to prevent cards from slipping out.

The Showcase Binder is 10.5 inches by 13 inches by 1.5 inches
(26.67cm x 33cm x 3.8cm)

The Showcase, a nine pocket sleeve trading card binder, is hand crafted with durable materials to ensure your precious loot remains intact and safe. The cover is water-resistant to help keep minor moisture at bay. We have also included a zip closure around all of the edges, just in case your goods are jostled or dropped. An added feature to the completely bespoke exterior to this binder is the handle on the spine.

Our included interior pages are side loading for easy access and fit one sleeved card securely. With a total of 19 pages -double-sided- 342 cards easily fit inside.


  • Vivid cover art
  • 19 pages, double-sided, 9 cards per side, 342 cards total
  • Handle
  • Durability
  • Water-resistant/rugged 600D Cordura (not waterproof)
  • Zips closed to keep cards from falling out and getting lost

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