AetherHub Partners


Overwolf is an game app platform, they work with developers all over the world and provide a platform for them to make apps tailored for games.

AetherHub's MTG Arena extension MTGA Assistant is built on the Overwolf platform and we work with them to extend your MTG Arena experience. You can find MTGA Assistant here.


TCGplayer builds applications and technologies that connect thousands of hobby gaming businesses with customers across the globe. Their ecommerce and data management tools power sales through physical stores, websites, mobile apps and the TCGplayer Marketplace.

TCGplayer provides AetherHub with their pricing API and we use this to drive card sales to their site. TCGplayer is our source for US dollar ($) prices. Some of our Content Creators are also partnered with TCGplayer and earns referral sales via their decks posted on


Europe's largest online marketplace for magic Cards. Buy, sell and trade MtG cards, boosters, boxes and more.

Cardmarket provides AetherHub with their pricing API and we use this to drive card sales to their site. Cardmarket is our source for Euro (€) prices.


Cardhoarder has been serving the MTGO community since 2005 as one of the largest secondary market stores for digital cards. They also offer a Loan Program for borrowing cards.

Cardhoarder provides AetherHub with their pricing API and we use this to drive card sales to their site. Cardhoarder is our source for Magic Online (Tix) prices.


NitroPay is owned and operated by GG Software, LLC and is a complete monetization and marketing solution that maximizes revenue for publishers and budgets for buyers.

AetherHub is part of the NitroPay ad network.

Inked gaming

Inked Gaming print custom playmats for trading card games such as Magic the Gathering, YuGiOh!, CardFight! Vanguard and more!

We are affiliated with inked gaming to provide the highest quality of merchandise to our fans. Known for their quality products, excellent service and prices.


Helvault is a powerful collection manager for Magic: The Gathering players and collectors with a powerful card scanner. Helvault is capable of identifying cards from all Magic's history without a hassle. Sort, filter, play and understand your card collection like never before!

AetherHub works close with Helvault as their main app partner for scanning and importing cards and collections.

Opera Event

Opera Event is a technology platform that connects content creators, teams and sponsors to one another programmatically and at scale. Since the beginning of influencer media, a disconnect has existed between Sponsors, Influencers and Fans, particularly in gaming. Opera Event is a company created by gaming media veterans who are dedicated to bridging this gap.

Opera Event help power Team Aether, providing our team members with accessing micro sponsorships.

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