Main 60 cards (19 distinct)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (4)
Creature (17)
Land (39)
Side 15 cards (5 distinct)

Simulating MTG Arena Best of 1 starting hand
(Simplified, true algorithm in MTGA not revealed by Wizards yet)

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  • Meta deck card breakdown - 7 decks, 0.48% of meta

    Annoyed Altisaur 1x in 0%
    Aurora Phoenix 1x in 0%
    Sweet-Gum Recluse 1x in 0%
    Boarding Party 3x in 0%
    Etali, Primal Conqueror 1x in 14%
    Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger 1x in 14%
    Sakashima's Protege 1x in 57%
    Apex Devastator 1x in 71%
    Emrakul, the Aeons Torn 2x in 71%
    Maelstrom Wanderer 4x in 100%
  • Instant, Sorcery
    Throes of Chaos 1x in 0%
    Mind's Desire 1x in 0%
    Tibalt's Trickery 1x in 0%
    Violent Outburst 1x in 0%
    Mizzix's Mastery 1x in 14%
    Let the Galaxy Burn 2x in 57%
    Creative Technique 4x in 100%
  • Enchantment, Artifact
  • Planeswalkers
    Quintorius Kand 1x in 0%
  • Lands
    Boseiju, Who Endures 1x in 0%
    Mossfire Valley 1x in 0%
    Svyelunite Temple 1x in 0%
    Karakas 1x in 0%
    Dwarven Hold 1x in 0%
    Saprazzan Skerry 3x in 0%
    Otawara, Soaring City 3x in 0%
    Gemstone Caverns 1x in 14%
    Havenwood Battleground 1x in 14%
    Hickory Woodlot 3x in 14%
    Sulfur Vent 3x in 14%
    Dwarven Ruins 3x in 29%
    City of Traitors 4x in 71%
    Crystal Vein 2x in 86%
    Tinder Farm 4x in 86%
    Sandstone Needle 4x in 100%
    Ancient Tomb 4x in 100%
  • Sideboard
    Guardian Naga 1x in 0%
    Leyline of Sanctity 1x in 0%
    Pyrokinesis 1x in 0%
    Karakas 1x in 0%
    Fiery Confluence 1x in 0%
    Colossal Skyturtle 1x in 0%
    Fury 3x in 0%
    Mirrorshell Crab 1x in 14%
    Boseiju, Who Endures 1x in 14%
    Grapeshot 1x in 14%
    Leyline of the Void 3x in 43%
    Tibalt's Trickery 2x in 57%
    Throes of Chaos 3x in 57%

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