Innistrad: Crimson Vow Limited Quiz

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Witch's Web
Average Picked At: 10.11
Total Times Picked: 207
Average Last Seen At: 8.81
Total Times Seen 2286
Pro Rating: 1.5
Pro Comment: We see this trick a lot, and its always passable in aggressive decks. It gives enough of a boost that the creature usually wins combat, and it can even be used to ambush an attacking flyer, though typically you’d rather use this aggressively than defensively.
Soulcipher Board // Cipherbound Spirit
Average Picked At: 8.76
Total Times Picked: 49
Average Last Seen At: 6.77
Total Times Seen 646
Pro Rating: 1.0 // 3.0
Pro Comment: This seems like it might be a little slow. It doesn’t add to the board in a meaningful way until it transforms, and it will usually take a few turns for you to get there. Sure, any creature being milled or dying will remove a counter, so if you have a deck that is good at self-milling you could get it going pretty fast, but you probably can’t really count on this being good enough all on its own. I mean, if you don’t see a creature with the ability, it won’t remove a counter, and do you really want to not draw a creature? I mean, sometimes you won’t want to, but you frequently would rather have the creature than mill it. Once it does transform, its pretty impressive as an aerial threat with a very good mana sink ability, but I think it will be too slow in most decks.
Unholy Officiant
Pro Rating: 2.0
Pro Comment: A one mana ½ with Vigilance is not a very good card. Its the kind of card people often overrate, because they think “One mana is only enough to get a 1/1 most of the time!” and while that’s sort of true, the problem in Limited is that this kind of card will get outclassed pretty quickly. That said, it comes with an ability that actually does something in the late game, even if 5 is a lot for a single counter. Its also a decent place to put counters thanks to its keyword ability. So, yeah. This is an alright one drop that you’ll play in your most aggressive GW decks, but it doesn’t look that great anywhere else.
Dreamshackle Geist
Average Picked At: 1.67
Total Times Picked: 30
Average Last Seen At: 2.13
Total Times Seen 50
Pro Rating: 4.0
Pro Comment: 3-mana 3/1 flyers are often playable anyway, and this one has a very nice trigger. You’ll be straight up tapping things in situations where doing so allows for better attacks -- and that happens a lot! But the fact it can also lock down creatures for a couple of turns is nice too, as your opponent will find themselves in a sticky situation. Can they really afford to attack if the Geist locks down their creature? If you play it in your first main phase, you end up getting one of those abilities immediately! Yeah, this is great.
Katilda, Dawnhart Martyr // Katilda's Rising Dawn
Average Picked At: 1.82
Total Times Picked: 45
Average Last Seen At: 2.06
Total Times Seen 62
Pro Rating: 4.5
Pro Comment: So, let’s assume your deck has 0 other Enchantments or Spirits -- that won’t be the case, but its a good place to start! In that deck, she would be a three mana 1/1 with Flying, Lifelink, and protection from a relevant creature that, which can disturb into an Aura that gives +1/+1 flying, lifelink, and protection from Vampires. That would already be a playable card. The aura granting those key words and stats boost is especially nice -- and the thing is, your deck is going to have way more spirits and Enchantments than that! Even just having her be a 2/2 or the Aura give +2/+2 is a huge upgrade. She’s obviously at her best in UW, which is the most Spirit and Enchantment happy, but because the baseline is so reasonable, you can probably play her in any White deck and be reasonably happy. I think it is going to be a real pain to deal with either side of this. I think she’s a bomb.
Ulvenwald Oddity // Ulvenwald Behemoth
Average Picked At: 1.60
Total Times Picked: 47
Average Last Seen At: 1.64
Total Times Seen 55
Pro Rating: 4.0
Pro Comment: A 4-mana 4/4 with Trample and Haste is something you’d always play, and probably a B -- adding the late game huge upside is no joke, either. Becoming much larger and pumping the whole board will end games in many cases.
Magma Pummeler
Average Picked At: 6.74
Total Times Picked: 92
Average Last Seen At: 5.36
Total Times Seen 521
Pro Rating: 3.0
Pro Comment: This is a pretty neat design. It will never really be an efficient creature due to how its costed, but even if you just put this on the table as a 4-mana 2/2, your opponent will find themself in a situation where attacking is very difficult because of the 2-for-1 potential. It just scales up from there, and in the late game will be a huge problem, since it can also damage players. Now, it can still just straight up die to lots of removal, but damage-based removal will pretty much be off the table, so that helps. I can really see situations where this will be incredible, but it would be silly not to also think about the time’s where it just doesn’t matter, because its not big enough, or your opponent has too much life.
Ill-Tempered Loner // Howlpack Avenger
Average Picked At: 1.97
Total Times Picked: 30
Average Last Seen At: 1.94
Total Times Seen 37
Pro Rating: 4.5
Pro Comment: This looks really good. The front side is hard to interact with and not get 2-for-1’d, although removal that doesn’t do damage can do it. Its great it can pump its power too, increasing the chances of getting that 2-for-1. It will be tough to block this, but the threat of activation will sometimes force people to do it. Obviously, once it transforms it becomes even scarier, and if it is already night when you play it, it will immediately impact the board in a pretty big way. I think this is a bomb.
Pyre Spawn
Average Picked At: 10.71
Total Times Picked: 237
Average Last Seen At: 9.20
Total Times Seen 2471
Pro Rating: 2.0
Pro Comment: This doesn’t have good stats, but the fact it bolts a thing when it dies does usually mean you can get a 2-for-1, and if your opponent’s life is low they are going to be sweating this a ton. I think this is a decent top curve card.
Honored Heirloom
Average Picked At: 9.75
Total Times Picked: 217
Average Last Seen At: 8.42
Total Times Seen 2147
Pro Rating: 1.5
Pro Comment: 3 mana mana rocks are very rarely good in Limited, even if they add mana of any color. This one luckily comes with some additional value, as exiling stuff from graveyards does legitimately matter in this format. Still, you probably don’t play this unless you’re splashing a third color, as it is still very low impact.
Wanderlight Spirit
Average Picked At: 10.99
Total Times Picked: 193
Average Last Seen At: 9.27
Total Times Seen 2429
Pro Rating: 2.5
Pro Comment: This is a reasonably aggressive flyer. Not being able to block ground creatures isn’t a huge deal.
Twinblade Geist // Twinblade Invocation
Average Picked At: 4.00
Total Times Picked: 76
Average Last Seen At: 3.42
Total Times Seen 269
Pro Rating: 3.0
Pro Comment: This works well within the UW archetype. Having double strike is good for Auras, and then it of course becomes an Aura at some point after it dies, and giving double strike in the right situation can be pretty big. A two mana 1/1 with Double Strike is kind of an alright deal too, and also pairs well with +1/+1 counters.
Stormcarved Coast
Pro Rating: 3.0
Pro Comment: As usual, two color duals tend to be pretty nice fixing. You don’t really want to go after them hard, but you’ll always play them if you’re in their colors or you’re splashing something
Ballista Watcher // Ballista Wielder
Average Picked At: 2.65
Total Times Picked: 97
Average Last Seen At: 2.96
Total Times Seen 239
Pro Rating: 3.5
Pro Comment: Pinging stuff with this is a little costly, but its still a nice ability, capable of picking off small creatures and making combat more complicated for your opponent. And it can give you reach by pinging your opponent. When its night time, it becomes a 5/5 and gains a WAY better version of its first ability. First, the creature doesn’t have to tap, so you can sink way more mana into it, and it also makes the creature it hits unable to block, which is a pretty big deal. It is an ability that can just end games.
By Invitation Only
Average Picked At: 1.78
Total Times Picked: 37
Average Last Seen At: 2.00
Total Times Seen 60
Pro Rating: 5.0
Pro Comment: This is an entirely customizable Wrath effect, and that seems very powerful. If you just want a straight up Wrath, pick 13. What makes it extra great, though, is that you can use it in situations where your creatures outnumber your opponents already, to wipe their whole board and hold on to some of your stuff. Basically, you’re going to get a reset button to bail you out of an unwinnable situation, or you can use it to put yourself way ahead of your opponent on the board. That’s definitely a bomb.
Hookhand Mariner // Riphook Raider
Average Picked At: 6.06
Total Times Picked: 263
Average Last Seen At: 5.54
Total Times Seen 1324
Pro Rating: 3.0
Pro Comment: This is a nice Common werewolf, something they could have used in the last set! A 4-mana 4/4 is pretty close to a C, and when this transforms it is hard to block.
Dorothea, Vengeful Victim // Dorothea's Retribution
Pro Rating: 3.5
Pro Comment: This looks pretty good. Obviously, a two mana 4/4 with Flying is absurd on the vanilla test, but if it didn’t have Disturb it would not be very good, since it sacrifices itself once it attacks or blocks. However, if you have another creature in play, the Disturb Enchantment is going to be pretty nuts, since it turns your creature into a poor man’s version of Geist of the Saint Traft. Making an attacking 4/4 flyer every time the enchanted creature attacks is pretty nice! The bad news is that you kind of already need a creature who is in a good position to attack for Dorothea’s Retribution to matter most of the time, and you just won’t always have that. Still, as long as you have a creature who can at least trade, you’ll be turning it sideways for sure, and, you can obviously wait for an optimal situation before you disturb it.
Traveling Minister
Average Picked At: 5.79
Total Times Picked: 267
Average Last Seen At: 5.48
Total Times Seen 1283
Pro Rating: 1.5
Pro Comment: This common gains life, which BW likes, and it can set up training a little better, which GW likes. But it doesn’t do either thing that well, and as a one mana 1/1 it isn’t exactly impactful. The Sorcery speed only thing is killer!
Dreadlight Monstrosity
Average Picked At: 11.57
Total Times Picked: 207
Average Last Seen At: 9.64
Total Times Seen 2585
Pro Rating: 1.5
Pro Comment: This doesn’t seem very good. A 6-mana 5/5 is an ugly rate, even with Ward 2, and yeah – it can become unblockable, but only for a huge chunk of mana, and only if you have a card in exile. Now, by the time you can use the ability it is reasonably likely you have something in exile because of Disturb, but there will be times where that just isn’t the case, and without that ability, this card is really not good. You’ll play it if you’re desperate for a finisher I guess, but you’re hoping for something better.
Geistlight Snare
Average Picked At: 9.21
Total Times Picked: 70
Average Last Seen At: 6.78
Total Times Seen 707
Pro Rating: 1.5
Pro Comment: I’m always a bit skeptical of counter magic in Limited. This is a bad mana leak a big chunk of the time, and sometimes it will cost two or one, which will obviously feel much better, but you still have to hold it up at the right time for it to do its thing, and it has waning value as the game goes on and players have more mana.
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