Core Set 2020 Limited Quiz

Answered: 0/20
Accuracy: 0
Average Picked At: 7.50
Total Times Picked: 2
Average Last Seen At: 4.60
Total Times Seen 25
Pro Rating: 0.0 // 2.0
Pro Comment: I like that there are a bunch of color-hating cards around in this set, but this one seems weaker than the others. Protection from Green is great, but on a two mana 1/1 is nothing special. There are Green cards in this set that do stuff with counters, and this shuts those down – but not nearly enough for this to make a major impact. Unlike most of this cycle, which I think you can main deck a decent chunk of the time, I don’t think you ever do that here, and even out of the sideboard, Blightbeetle isn’t very imposing.
Silverback Shaman
Average Picked At: 4.06
Total Times Picked: 16
Average Last Seen At: 2.88
Total Times Seen 39
Pro Rating: 3.5
Pro Comment: This creature does well on the Vanilla test, has evasion, and replaces himself when he dies. That means he is a 2-for-1 that is really threatening – and that’s pretty nice. One thing I could see happening with him is that your 5-drop slot is just too loaded – I mean, you only want so many in most formats – but I have a hard time saying no to a 2-for-1 like this guy.
Rabid Bite
Average Picked At: 4.05
Total Times Picked: 22
Average Last Seen At: 3.73
Total Times Seen 56
Pro Rating: 3.5
Pro Comment: This type of effect is always premium removal for Green. It kills things really efficiently, and while you do need to have somewhat reasonably sized creatures for it to work its best, the fact it isn’t a straight “fight” effect helps make up for that.
Scholar of the Ages
Average Picked At: 8.00
Total Times Picked: 1
Average Last Seen At: 5.05
Total Times Seen 21
Pro Rating: 3.0
Pro Comment: She costs 7 mana for a 3/3, which obviously enough is horrendous – but she does offer the potential for a three-for-one, since she gives you back two spells in your graveyard. You need both a deck that is interested in playing the long game, and enough instants and sorceries that you can consistently get back two with it. Luckily, that is relatively easy to pull of in controlling Blue decks in this format, where Scholar of the Ages is often a nice late play that stabilizes you. Still, you can’t really play it anywhere else.
Atemsis, All-Seeing
Average Picked At: 6.00
Total Times Picked: 1
Average Last Seen At: 3.25
Total Times Seen 4
Pro Rating: 4.0
Pro Comment: A 6-mana 4/5 flyer isn’t the greatest stats around, but it is passable. However, I really like Attemsis’ activated ability to draw two cards and discard one. I see two courses of action when you play this Sphinx – one of them is that it dominates the sky and you can just kill them with your big flier. If you can’t attack though and have to hold Attemsis back? Well, then you can just use that activated ability every turn, and there’s a good chance you find a way to win the game that way too, since it gives you serious card advantage and selection. The alternate win condition thing is cute, but it is not particularly easy to pull off in Limited, so I wouldn’t put much stock in it.
Golos, Tireless Pilgrim
Average Picked At: 3.75
Total Times Picked: 4
Average Last Seen At: 2.71
Total Times Seen 7
Pro Rating: 4.0
Pro Comment: This can search up any land you need, basic or non-basic and put it on the battlefield which is quite good, and it brings decent stats to the table. And, while it isn’t super easy to use his ability, the fixing is good enough in this format that it isn’t impossible either, and when you do use that ability, this will obviously feel like a bomb.
Grafdigger's Cage
Average Picked At: 8.00
Total Times Picked: 1
Average Last Seen At: 6.43
Total Times Seen 10
Pro Rating: 0.0
Pro Comment: This wasn’t printed for Limited, it was printed for constructed sideboards.
Gruesome Scourger
Average Picked At: 5.67
Total Times Picked: 3
Average Last Seen At: 5.38
Total Times Seen 18
Pro Rating: 1.0
Pro Comment: This has bad stats for the cost and its ETB ability just never seems to get it done. Black decks aren’t good enough at going wide.
Loyal Pegasus
Average Picked At: 5.83
Total Times Picked: 6
Average Last Seen At: 5.60
Total Times Seen 15
Pro Rating: 0.0 // 2.5
Pro Comment: Obviously enough, you really aren’t interested in playing this in anything but the most aggressive decks. In those decks, the Pegasus can do a lot of damage in a hurry since you’re going to be curving out, but even in those decks it doesn’t always work out.
Pack Mastiff
Average Picked At: 7.00
Total Times Picked: 18
Average Last Seen At: 6.58
Total Times Seen 88
Pro Rating: 2.0 // 3.0
Pro Comment: Most of this collect ‘em all cycle is pretty bad if you only have one copy – that’s not true of the Mastiff, who has decent stats and a fine activated ability. The trade off here is that the Mastiff is also the least impressive of the bunch when you end up with multiple copies, as they all have to be in play at the exact right time to really abuse the ability.
Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord
Average Picked At: 15.00
Total Times Picked: 0
Average Last Seen At: 1.50
Total Times Seen 2
Pro Rating: 0.0 // 2.5
Pro Comment: Sadly for Sorin, there just aren’t enough Vampires in this set for him to be very good, since ALL of his abilities are all about Vampires. Now, the +1 can at least give ANY creature deathtouch and lifelink, and that’s not completely horrendous. You probably need at least 5 Vampires to play Sorin, and even that isn’t really a critical mass for him to be great.
Moat Piranhas
Average Picked At: 10.38
Total Times Picked: 16
Average Last Seen At: 7.98
Total Times Seen 114
Pro Rating: 1.5
Pro Comment: We have seen cards like this before – creatures who are very efficient but have defender, and they are always pretty alright. If you’re a defensive deck, I think you can play a couple of these and feel fine about it, and Blue can be pretty defensive. It can block really well early, and isn’t that hard to at least use to trade with something even late. However, if you’re an aggro deck, then this is terrible.
Marauding Raptor
Average Picked At: 6.00
Total Times Picked: 5
Average Last Seen At: 5.25
Total Times Seen 13
Pro Rating: 1.0
Pro Comment: This just isn’t the right format for the Raptor. Red is really about smaller creatures, and it kills most of them.
Average Picked At: 9.89
Total Times Picked: 9
Average Last Seen At: 7.67
Total Times Seen 115
Pro Rating: 0.5
Pro Comment: This is sideboard material, like usual. Most opponents just don’t have the targets for this to matter.
Battalion Foot Soldier
Average Picked At: 11.29
Total Times Picked: 7
Average Last Seen At: 8.58
Total Times Seen 103
Pro Rating: 0.0 // 2.5
Pro Comment: The “collect ‘em all”-type cards are always pretty interesting. Obviously, if you just have one of these, you’re not going to play it. However, if you can get 2 or more, I think you play them. A 3-mana 2/2 that draws you another 3-mana 2/2 is some nice card advantage. Because the creature is kind of underwhelming, I think even with 3-5 of them, it is probably just still a solid playable. It isn’t amazing, but it will let you quickly fill the board and avoid mana flooding and that always feels nice.
Devout Decree
Average Picked At: 12.75
Total Times Picked: 4
Average Last Seen At: 9.61
Total Times Seen 39
Pro Rating: 0.5 // 3.5
Pro Comment: There is a reasonable chance your opponent will have something this can target, but not really enough of one that you want to put it in your main deck, since it can pretty much be a blank card against some opponents. Excellent card out of the sideboard though!
Retributive Wand
Average Picked At: 6.63
Total Times Picked: 8
Average Last Seen At: 5.68
Total Times Seen 37
Pro Rating: 0.0
Pro Comment: This really reminds of me of Rod of Ruin – and that’s not a great place to be. You have to pay 6 mana to dole out the first one damage this does, and that’s pretty terrible. And paying 3 every time to do one damage to anything isn’t so good either. It isn’t easy to sacrifice either.
Average Picked At: 7.67
Total Times Picked: 6
Average Last Seen At: 6.04
Total Times Seen 81
Pro Rating: 2.0
Pro Comment: So, your creature is almost always going to kill the opposing one when it gains deathtouch, so that’s nice. And it even draws you a card, so it is something of a 2-for-1! However, it is still really situational, like all tricks, so don’t value it too highly.
Cryptic Caves
Average Picked At: 6.00
Total Times Picked: 2
Average Last Seen At: 5.58
Total Times Seen 23
Pro Rating: 2.5
Pro Comment: I like that you can cash this land in for a card later on in the game, but I don’t like that it produces colorless mana only. This means it is worse for your mana base than a basic land in most two color decks. Still, I think the fact that it can provide late game flood insurance means that it is going to be an ok 17th land to run, though if you are splashing or doing other crazy things with your mana, you probably should steer clear.
Moment of Heroism
Average Picked At: 10.44
Total Times Picked: 9
Average Last Seen At: 7.31
Total Times Seen 98
Pro Rating: 1.5
Pro Comment: Combat tricks are really at their best at one mana. This is because it is much easier to have the mana available to use them, and you get blown out less if your opponent has removal. This costs two, but it does give a decent bonus +2/+2 is enough to win a lot of combats, and lifelink also feels good when you’re racing. Still, this is pretty much limited to aggro decks.
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