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Alchemy Horizons: Baldur's Gate Limited Quiz

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Stick Together
Average Picked At: 2.67
Total Times Picked: 3
Average Last Seen At: 3.55
Total Times Seen 17
Pro Rating: 0.0
Pro Comment: This is a pretty wacky Wrath effect. Perhaps a little too wacky! You’ll frequently be able to hold on to some stuff, but so will your opponent. You don’t really have enough control over how this is going to go for this to be something I really want to play most of the time. It can be powerful, but there will be significant times where it doesn’t do enough or worse – it does more good for your opponent than you!
A-Blessed Hippogriff
Average Picked At: 15.00
Total Times Picked: 0
Average Last Seen At: 2.67
Total Times Seen 3
Earth-Cult Elemental
Average Picked At: 11.12
Total Times Picked: 26
Average Last Seen At: 8.39
Total Times Seen 291
Pro Rating: 1.5
Pro Comment: This was a bit of a disappointment in Forgotten Realms. It has passable stats, but six drops that didn’t like…gain you life, were kind of a liability in that format. It will probably be a little bit better here, but its ETB ability isn’t that great either. By the time this comes down many players have expendable permanents, so it is mostly the kind of thing your opponent will shrug about. It is passable as a top-curve creature, but that’s about it.
Rasaad, Monk of Selune
Average Picked At: 1.92
Total Times Picked: 12
Average Last Seen At: 1.68
Total Times Seen 29
Pro Rating: 4.0
Pro Comment: So, this is a Banisher Priest-type creature, and that’s always a great card in Limited! The downside is of course that your opponent can find removal and get their thing back, but you usually still took their creature for a few turns. The good news too, is that Rasaad can Specialize into a larger creature – making it harder to kill, and all of them also give you an effect that helps soften the blow if your opponent does get rid of him. The White one makes it a vanilla 1/1, and the others all give you a death trigger that gives you some value on the board. Specialize 5 is pretty darn high, but the front of the card alone is probably a 3.5, so this looks great.
Wilson, Bear Comrade
Average Picked At: 2.75
Total Times Picked: 4
Average Last Seen At: 2.57
Total Times Seen 7
Pro Rating: 4.5
Pro Comment: Even if Wilson didn’t have Specialize, he would be a 3.0 at worst, as he is just a great French Vanilla creature. Then, once he transforms, in most of his forms he gains an additional keyword, he gets bigger, and he gains an ability he can use from the graveyard, and all of those effects ar epretty darn good. I think this is an A-.
Oyaminartok, Polar Werebear
Average Picked At: 1.00
Total Times Picked: 6
Average Last Seen At: 1.00
Total Times Seen 7
Pro Rating: 5.0
Pro Comment: The whole hexproof part makes it hard for your opponent to find a way around it at first, and then when you start cranking out food you end up netting mana and gaining cards, which is pretty darn powerful. The mana can only be used on Blue creatures, but that’s what this Polar Bear will be getting you, so it works out quite nicely. Many of the creatures in the spellbook actually cost three mana or less, so you can even cast one of them right away! Basically, this is a value engine that can pretty effectively fuel itself – and a creature with great stats.
Wild Shape
Average Picked At: 11.00
Total Times Picked: 9
Average Last Seen At: 8.27
Total Times Seen 92
Pro Rating: 1.0
Pro Comment: This was not good in Forgotten Realms. Sure, it has a bunch of modes, but the only one that tends to matter is the Hexproof one, and that effect is pretty darn narrow. It feels good when you blank removal with it of course, but there are lots of situations where there is just no real way to use this card effectively.
Korlessa, Scale Singer
Average Picked At: 5.07
Total Times Picked: 15
Average Last Seen At: 5.10
Total Times Seen 78
Pro Rating: 3.5
Pro Comment: As Korlessa tells you, UG is a dragon tribal deck, and this is quite the payoff! The format has enough cheap Dragons that casting them from the top – even in the mid-game is very doable. This also gives you a nice defensive creature who can stall things till you can start casting bigger dragons, and the info it gives you about the top of your library is pretty important too.
Alora, Rogue Companion
Average Picked At: 7.37
Total Times Picked: 19
Average Last Seen At: 5.98
Total Times Seen 77
Pro Rating: 2.5 // 3.5
Pro Comment: This Specialize creature seems a little more build-aroundy than most of them do. On its own, it can make itself unblockable and hit for three, but then it has to return to your hand, and that’s not…amazing. Obviously, making something else unblockable that has an ETB ability or something is super good, but you won’t always pull that off. Then, once Alora specializes, she adds an extra bonus to the creature returning to your hand, but you still really need to be returning something that gives you value already – either by hitting your opponent hard or retriggering ETB – because the bonuses don’t seem that great for the most part. Basically, if your deck doesn’t have much in the way of ETBs to rebuy, this doesn’t seem especially good, and if you do – she’ll be quite good.
Red Dragon
Average Picked At: 3.00
Total Times Picked: 6
Average Last Seen At: 2.93
Total Times Seen 33
Pro Rating: 2.5
Pro Comment: A 6-mana 4/4 Flyer is definitely overcosted, and I do think the ETB ability here does enough to make up for that, but it is still nothing more than a decent playable. You don’t even usually want more than one, even in a dragon deck.
Draconic Muralists
Average Picked At: 4.80
Total Times Picked: 10
Average Last Seen At: 3.74
Total Times Seen 41
Pro Rating: 3.5
Pro Comment: This is a 4-mana 4/3 that draws you any Dragon in your deck, and this format has a lot of dragons, including some bombs! This is a great 2-for-1, especially in the Dragon tribal decks.
Blood Money
Average Picked At: 3.75
Total Times Picked: 4
Average Last Seen At: 2.71
Total Times Seen 7
Pro Rating: 2.0
Pro Comment: 7 mana for a Wrath is a whole lot, even if you are getting tapped treasure. Most of the time when you cast this, you’re pretty unlikely to have anything worth spending treasure on, since you already have 7 mana, and you certainly won’t have any mana sink creatures hanging around. This is probably just a C.
Gorion, Wise Mentor
Average Picked At: 3.67
Total Times Picked: 3
Average Last Seen At: 3.74
Total Times Seen 26
Pro Rating: 2.5 // 4.5
Pro Comment: Yep, Adventures are back in this set! There aren’t any in this video, but there are plenty of mono-colored ones, and that means that this copying your Adventure spells is super strong. If you ever played with Lucky Clover and Adventures last time around, you probably know that! This also has nice base stats of course, and though it won’t be a cake walk to cast in this format, it is certainly doable. It is in the three colors with the most Adventures, so getting there on Adventures won’t be that hard. This does need a build around grade, because if your fixing isn’t good enough, or you don’t have enough Adventures, it is merely solid.
Wizened Githzerai
Average Picked At: 11.81
Total Times Picked: 37
Average Last Seen At: 9.59
Total Times Seen 358
Pro Rating: 1.5
Pro Comment: This doesn’t seem that good to me. Sure, it can chump block or trade and make a creature worse, but chumping is not something you want to be doing a whole lot. And yeah, the -2/-0 sticks around no matter what happens to the creature, but I still feel like this is a two drop you will cut pretty often.
Soulknife Spy
Average Picked At: 8.88
Total Times Picked: 33
Average Last Seen At: 7.70
Total Times Seen 224
Pro Rating: 3.0
Pro Comment: Another Forgotten Realms reprint, and this was one of the few Blue Commons in that set that I would describe as “Good.” A card that draws you a card when it hits the opponent is pretty sweet when it comes with solid stats, and this definitely does. If you can give it evasion in some way, it becomes a must kill, and even when you aren’t able to do that, it still becomes something your opponent better trade for.
Ghost Lantern
Average Picked At: 6.73
Total Times Picked: 15
Average Last Seen At: 5.33
Total Times Seen 73
Pro Rating: 3.0
Pro Comment: This looks like a pretty nice Adventure Equipment. Neither side is going to be great, but being able to use it to return a creature, and then playing an Equipment seems pretty good. While you could play this early, a lot of the time I think it will be better to wait until you can use the Adventure and then cast the Equipment. The equipment won’t offer a boost at all initially, but as the game progresses, it will start putting counters on your stuff, and that seems pretty strong. It feels like you will get a full card of value out of each side of this.
Average Picked At: 10.21
Total Times Picked: 28
Average Last Seen At: 8.95
Total Times Seen 285
Pro Rating: 2.0
Pro Comment: This wasn’t very impressive in forgotten Realms, and it probably won’t be that good here either. This sort of “kill a damaged creature” effect ends up being pretty narrow, and even when you give the creature Flash, you’ll have a harder time than you might think getting it to do its thing. When you can kill something with this it feels pretty amazing. When you end up having to cast it without triggering the ability, it feels pretty bad.
Oji, the Exquisite Blade
Average Picked At: 5.88
Total Times Picked: 8
Average Last Seen At: 4.02
Total Times Seen 61
Pro Rating: 3.0
Pro Comment: This signpost Uncommon tells us UW is all about abusing ETB abilities. I’m already pretty happy with a 4-mana 2/3 that gains me 2 life and scries 2, so the fact that double spelling lets you blink something is some nice additional value. It can target itself with that effect, which is pretty nice – but it can also help you abuse those abilities on other creatures. Now…double-spelling isn’t always super easy in Limited, but even if you just get that value going once you’re going to feel pretty happy with this.
Steadfast Paladin
Average Picked At: 5.78
Total Times Picked: 27
Average Last Seen At: 5.22
Total Times Seen 153
Pro Rating: 2.5
Pro Comment: This is a reprint that was nice in the Lifegain deck in Forgotten Realms. It is certainly nothing special, but it does enough that you play it most of the time in White.
A-Eyes of the Beholder
Average Picked At: 8.33
Total Times Picked: 3
Average Last Seen At: 8.80
Total Times Seen 16
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