Throne of Eldraine Limited Quiz

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Accuracy: 0
Cauldron Familiar
Average Picked At: 5.11
Total Times Picked: 9
Average Last Seen At: 4.59
Total Times Seen 51
Pro Rating: 0.0 // 2.5
Pro Comment: So, a one mana 1/1 that just drains life probably isn’t playable. This one is an interesting food build around, though, and if your deck can make a critical mass of Food, you have a Cat that won’t stay dead, and drains your opponent one life over and over again. This is a build around, one you should avoid unless you have like 6 or more ways to make Food.
Bartered Cow
Average Picked At: 12.71
Total Times Picked: 21
Average Last Seen At: 10.40
Total Times Seen 314
Pro Rating: 1.0
Pro Comment: 4-mana 3/3s are not very good, so how much should we value the fact that this can give you Food? I mean, it is a little valuable, especially because there are food payoffs. It is also interesting that you can discard this and still get Food. I think those two things combined make this better – but you’ll still almost never play this.
Yorvo, Lord of Garenbrig
Average Picked At: 2.50
Total Times Picked: 2
Average Last Seen At: 3.10
Total Times Seen 10
Pro Rating: 3.5
Pro Comment: The Payoff here is real enough that I think you can first pick this despite the commitments it asks of you -- the upside is just too high not to. A 3 mana 4/4 is already nice, but one that constantly gets bigger if you play Green creatures is even better. He will be capable of just taking the cam over thanks to sheer size and efficiency.
The Great Henge
Average Picked At: 1.00
Total Times Picked: 2
Average Last Seen At: 1.00
Total Times Seen 3
Pro Rating: 5.0
Pro Comment: Obviously you’re going to need some beefy creatures to really take advantage -- but even a 4 power creature reduces this to 5 mana, and that’s a great price for something like this. Putting a +1/+1 counter on all your nontoken creatures and drawing a card in the process is what really makes this an impressive card to me. It doesn’t hurt, though, that it can also produce mana and gain you life. After all, if you’re drawing cards, you might have use for that mana, and gaining 2 life a turn off of this will be a nice way to pay you back for taking off an entire turn just to play this thing. I think that this might just be the best of this cycle in Limited, I think it is definitely a bomb.
Tall as a Beanstalk
Average Picked At: 11.60
Total Times Picked: 15
Average Last Seen At: 9.54
Total Times Seen 244
Pro Rating: 0.0
Pro Comment: Lately, they have been printing Auras that are actually playable because of their efficiency, or their ability to mitigate against a 2-for-1. But this isn’t either of those. 4 mana for +3/+3 and Reach really isn’t the most amazing deal in the world, and it leaves you wide open to 2-for-1s that will also get huge tempo on you because of the total mana you spend on the creature and this Aura. Don’t play this.
Clockwork Servant
Average Picked At: 4.21
Total Times Picked: 14
Average Last Seen At: 3.32
Total Times Seen 37
Pro Rating: 3.0
Pro Comment: This will draw you a card pretty often, and while that’s ideal, you can also play it as a reasonably efficient creature.
Hypnotic Sprite
Average Picked At: 4.82
Total Times Picked: 11
Average Last Seen At: 3.63
Total Times Seen 46
Pro Rating: 3.5
Pro Comment: I’m not normally a big counterspell fan, just because they are easy to play around, and if your opponent does that it can be pretty devastating. This counterspell can only stop cheap spells, which means you aren’t really going to be coming out mana-wise with it. But that’s probably ok – you can have this in your deck, and you can cast the counterspell half of it if the opportunity appears, and you can also just play a two mana 2/1 flyer if that is what you need to be doing on turn 2. That flexibility means that this is a counterspell I will actually play – but yeah, I’m not going to be shy about just casting it as a creature and never using the counter.
Oakhame Adversary
Average Picked At: 2.50
Total Times Picked: 12
Average Last Seen At: 2.55
Total Times Seen 36
Pro Rating: 2.5
Pro Comment: Even if we take the line away about your opponent having Green permanents, this would have been a nice card. A 4-mana 2/3 with Deathtouch that can draw you a card when it hits your opponent is going to be good enough to make the cut in most Green decks anyway. Those two effects combined is always pretty potent, because your opponent is put in a difficult situation, especially if the only blockers they have are large. And, you know, death touch means it can trade with anything anyway.
Bonecrusher Giant
Average Picked At: 1.67
Total Times Picked: 6
Average Last Seen At: 1.57
Total Times Seen 7
Pro Rating: 4.0
Pro Comment: This guy is very good. Being a removal spell for the Adventure is awesome -- even more awesome that he can go to the face if he needs to. Sure, two mana for 2 damage at instant speed isn’t incredible -- but that would be a decent card on its own, as it has been in the past. Then, the other part of the card is a 3-mana 4/3, which is doing a great job on the vanilla test, and he also has a relevant text box, which means if your opponent has removal for him, they’re going to have to take 2 damage when they use it. It does also mean you can’t use tricks on him without damaging yoruself, but hey -- he can’t just be all upside right? But yeah, between being a reasonable removal spell and an efficient creature, Bonecrusher Giant will be getting 2-for-1s all day long.
Skullknocker Ogre
Average Picked At: 10.80
Total Times Picked: 5
Average Last Seen At: 7.78
Total Times Seen 96
Pro Rating: 1.0
Pro Comment: Man, this is a weird card. A 4 mana 4/3 is usually a playable creature – but how about one that makes your opponent discard a card at random and draw a card? The question we have to answer is: how often will making your opponent rummage help them? Unfortunatley, I think the answer to that is more often than not – especially once your opponent knows you have this in play, and they can just start holding on to lands. And what’s the payoff for a creature that will help your opponent to draw into gas in some situations? Just a 4/3. You’re only playing this if you’re desperate.
Grumgully, the Generous
Average Picked At: 4.00
Total Times Picked: 8
Average Last Seen At: 4.67
Total Times Seen 51
Pro Rating: 4.0
Pro Comment: It isn’t that hard to end up in a RG deck where Grumgully just pumps most of your creatures, and when you do, she is a pretty awesome value engine.
Blacklance Paragon
Average Picked At: 3.50
Total Times Picked: 4
Average Last Seen At: 2.83
Total Times Seen 6
Pro Rating: 3.5
Pro Comment: Note that it can target itself with the deathtouch and lifelink ability, meaning that you can flash this in to kill pretty much any creature, while also gaining life – an exchange you will always gladly take. Obviously he can pump other Knights too, but because of the stat-line this guy has, I think he’ll target himself a larger chunk of the time.
Brazen Borrower
Average Picked At: 1.00
Total Times Picked: 3
Average Last Seen At: 1.29
Total Times Seen 7
Pro Rating: 4.0
Pro Comment: You know these Adventure cards are really good when you can split up each side of the card, and if it were JUST that card, it would still be pretty decent or better, and that’s what we have here. Two mana to bounce an opponent’s nonland permanent is a card that always see play -- it is great for tempo, and great to use in response to Auras or combat tricks or other shenanigans. The other side of the card is also a reasonable card -- very nice aggressive stats for a flyer. Then, you put the two together, and you effectively have a 5-mana 3/1 with Flying and Flash that bounces something when it comes down -- that would be a great card, and in some ways, this is even better than that because of flexibility!
Didn't Say Please
Average Picked At: 7.14
Total Times Picked: 37
Average Last Seen At: 6.16
Total Times Seen 170
Pro Rating: 1.5
Pro Comment: I’m never a big fan of Cancel variants, unless they bring something big to the table. The good news for Didn’t Say Please is that there is a legit mill deck in this format, so its effect is actually kind of useful. The problem with a 3 mana counter spell is that you find yourself having to leave up a considerably percentage of your mana to be able to use it. I think sometimes people make the mistake of thinking of a counterspell like a removal spell, but in a lot of ways, they are worse, at least in Limited. This is because you have a smaller window to use this card where it will actually get rid of something -- you HAVE to have the mana up when they play whatever it is you want to get rid of. With removal spells, it doesn’t matter when you cast it, so you have a much wider window to use them. This means that top-decking removal tends to be way better, for example. You’ll play this in your controlling mill decks, but not anywhere else.
Mad Ratter
Average Picked At: 5.20
Total Times Picked: 5
Average Last Seen At: 5.36
Total Times Seen 68
Pro Rating: 0.0 // 3.0
Pro Comment: 4 mana for a ½ Is horrible, so you just aren’t running this unless you get enough ways to draw extra cards that you get to make the Rat tokens. It will be pretty nice in a deck that gets there, but I think it is still hard for it to be incredible because of how small it is and how much mana it costs. Still, it is one of the better common or uncommon payoffs in the set for drawing extra cards.
Keeper of Fables
Average Picked At: 2.80
Total Times Picked: 10
Average Last Seen At: 2.58
Total Times Seen 31
Pro Rating: 4.0
Pro Comment: This is really good. 5 mana 4/5s are solid in Limited, and the fact that this draws you extra cards is great. Even if you have 0 other non-humans in your deck (which isn’t going to happen), but even if it did, this would be a great card, since it is a non-human and will draw you a card when it hits the opponent. Now, make sure you’re aware that you are only going to be drawing a maximum of one card per combat damage because of the way it is worded, but that’s fine. The Keeper can singlehandedly take over games thanks to the card it draws you.
Fell the Pheasant
Average Picked At: 12.04
Total Times Picked: 28
Average Last Seen At: 10.29
Total Times Seen 309
Pro Rating: 0.5
Pro Comment: This is mostly just sideboard hate to bring in against someone who has a lot of flyers.
Trapped in the Tower
Average Picked At: 5.26
Total Times Picked: 35
Average Last Seen At: 4.91
Total Times Seen 133
Pro Rating: 4.0
Pro Comment: It is a little annoying that this can’t hit flyers, but the fact that it both Pacifies and Arrests a ground creature helps me get over that. This is premium removal.
Corridor Monitor
Average Picked At: 10.10
Total Times Picked: 30
Average Last Seen At: 9.10
Total Times Seen 272
Pro Rating: 1.5
Pro Comment: A two mana ¼ blocks fairly well early, and this one lets you untap a dude or artifact when you play it, which is some ok upside. However, it isn’t exactly impactful – even in the late game untapping something doesn’t always come with significant value.
Castle Garenbrig
Average Picked At: 4.25
Total Times Picked: 4
Average Last Seen At: 3.00
Total Times Seen 15
Pro Rating: 3.0
Pro Comment: This is basically a forest with big upside, and that’s always nice. It can help you ramp a little bit, and that’s always welcome in a Green deck! Sometimes people underrate just how good non-basic lands that can actually do stuff later in the game are – turns out, upgrading one of your lands from Forest to something like this Castle is a pretty big deal! This one helps you ramp, which is nice.
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