Standard - Wet Adventures

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Hey everyone




The core of this deck should at least be fairly familiar to what people are used to when it comes to the idea of adventure decks. The idea

here is to highroll and get down an early [[edgewall innkeeper]] and [[lucky clover]] to out value any other deck out there that isn't

doing the same thing we are. It doesn't always play out like that and you can see adventure decks falling short sometimes when they

don't get their eddy's or clovers out early. A new add on i've come along with is [[Kiora, behemoth beckoner]] she can draw us a card 12

of our creatures, which isn't too shabby. The card draw comes up quite often considering we draw into our other pieces often.

Having [[edgewall inkeeper]] down at the same time as [[Kiora, behemoth beckoner]] feels amazing. I am impressed by how much

mana this deck can generate with [[nissa, who shakes the world]] paired with kiora's down tick. It feels like once we get the ball

rolling with ramp using [[beanstalk giant]] essentially for free with nissa out things are definitely in our favor at that point.  

[[uro, titan of nature's wrath]] isn't particularly an all star in this deck, but it does draw off of kiora and it does ramp us, we like that.

You know you can't play Nissa and not play [[hydroid krasis]] especially when Kiora is in this deck. I would put in more copies, but

there isn't enough room and I don't feel like the card draw is needed really. You can get some massive jellyfish in this archetype.

[[lovestruck beast]] is just our big dumb idiot that we know and love, that just so happens to proc kiora as well. [[Brazen borrower]] is

a card that feels really great in this deck when we have one or more clovers out, but it feels real medicore when we don't, but we can't

deny bouncing an entire board for 2 isn't just clean living. So finally we come to [[fae of wishes]] this card goes from good to great the

moment we get a [[lucky clover]] on the field and cast granted. The argument for playing simic over temur for [[bonecrusher giant]] 

and [[escape to the wilds]] and the numerous sideboards cards is that the payoff I feel like is very little compared to the mana strain

and damage we are taking shocking ourselves in all of the time, this allows room for our new cards. Well, that brings us to the sideboard.




[[aether gust]] - we know why this is here, this hits  rakdos decks, all of the temur running around, mono red, it hits so much. 

[[mystical dispute]] - gives us an edge if we want to disrupt the enemy long game with granted, or if we feel we need it in our main 

against control, etc 

[[tamiyo, collector of tales]] - this will help us grind games our even longer than we already are 

[[sorcerous spyglass]] - goodbye oven 

[[shadowspear]] - goodbye aggro and dream trawler 

[[return to nature]] - can exile titans, destroys ovens, fires, this card is great

[[mass manipulation]] - cast this and win the game 

[[finale of revelation]] - cast this and draw even more cards? sometimes you just want to have fun.

[[finale of devastation]] - cast this and turn your massive board even more massive and yeet your opponent into yugioh 


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Last Updated: 28 Mar 2020
Created: 18 Mar 2020
2550 258 0

Mainboard - 60 cards (15 distinct)

Creature (23)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (4)
Land (25)
Planeswalker (8)

Sideboard - 15 cards (11 distinct)


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