Standard - Dovin's Underworld Granted

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Combo Jank

Hey everyone


The goal of this deck is to burn the opponent down using [[underworld dreams]] and [[Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge]]. The way we

accomplish this is by accumulating treasure from [[smothering tithe]] and casting [[emergency powers]] to dome the opponent for 7 and

then have the potential of putting tezzeret down to dome them for another 7. If you cast [[mirrormade]] on underworld you can hit them

twice as hard or on smothering tithe and using tezz to do the same. The consistency of this deck is formed by using [[fae of wishes]].

This card is the bread and butter of this deck, it's so good. There are single copies of each of the above mentioned cards in the sideboard

to grab them if the oppurtunity strikes. You don't ever feel bad discarding cards to the Fae because you're going to put them back into

your deck with [[Emergency powers]] anyways. [[shatter the sky]] is a must to keep our life total above 0 until we do the thing.

[[teferi, time raveler]] is mostly here to slow our opponents down and allow us to cast our emergency powers without the worry of being

countered. [[omen of the sea]] is probably overlooked but I feel like this card is great here, it will scry you 2 and give you a draw, seems

how we're looking for our pieces this seems like a good fit. If for some reason we don't have a good target for [[mirrormade]] and we're

desperate we can cast the mirror and target Omen to dig deeper. To add to this, [[banishing light]] is our catch all spell that is going to

be helpful in dealing with gods and planeswalkers. Mirrormade can come down and copy the Banishing as well to be some extra copies if

need be. Did I mention [[mirrormade]] can also copy enchantment or artifact creatures? This card is great. 

Finally found a deck that uses [[Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge]] effectively! Having [[smothering tithe]] down and casting

[[emergency powers]] allows us to cast Tezzeret for free with 7 treasures as the floor is just good clean living.

No [[fabled passage]] were used because [[underworld dreams]] and [[mirrormade]] have such  restrictive casting cost we had to try to

up our mana sources with temples.


Most of this sideboard is the faes toolbox exclusing our single copies of our core combo pieces.

[[mystical dispute]] to help us with our weakness, control decks. It notably will help us against simic.

[[Revenge of ravens]] is great to slow down the low to the ground strategies like mono red.

[[dance of the manse]] so this is kind of a meme, but notably if we're in a control matchup this card will be big game because we will

have targets in the graveyard at some point assuming we're getting countered left and right. 

[[mirrormade]] as mentioned above can function as removal if you have a banishing light already on the battlefield.

[[dream trawler]] honestly I think it's a mistake not to be playing this card in your 75 somewhere if you play the colors U and W. A

finisher we can tutor if need be, notably great against mono red.


After looking around it appears there are people who seen underworld dreams and emergency powers and thought the same thing! Haha.

I suppose a shoutout to ThyrixSyx and LegenVD is in order.


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Thanks for sharing this list. Looks pretty interesting. But in the Meta I'm facing it will be slow with Fae of Wishes. So I'll be testing this list with Oath of Kaya instead of Fae of Wishes, just to have more removal and a little bit of life gain. Maybe I'll replace Omen of the Sea too ... I'm not sure yet. Personally I like this card but maybe there are better options ... or I adjust the other cards to 4 ...
Last Updated: 18 Feb 2020
Created: 30 Jan 2020
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Mainboard - 60 cards (18 distinct)

Creature (4)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (23)
Land (26)
Planeswalker (7)

Sideboard - 15 cards (12 distinct)


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