Standard - [DMU] Lagomos "Accident" Engine

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Back at it again with another super grindy aggro Rakdos Anvil pile. This time, in addition to focusing on making and saccing artifacts, we want to be sacrificing our own creatures in order for the deck to function, with a big focus on spells with Casualty and forcing the opponent into combats where 5 or more creatures need to die for them to survive, to power Lagomos. As a plan B we have our old faithful, Ob Nixilis, the Adversaryimage which is much stronger against control/midrange matchups.

This deck is meant to be a low to the ground creature and artifact based Casualty deck that tries to clog up the board and rack up damage early, and closes out the game by assembling massive engines that crush the opponent with a wall of value. How much removal this deck runs is really up to my discretion, but I've found the x4 Grisly Sigilimage and x4 Fatal Grudgeimage to be sufficient against creatures our deck really wants to see leave play. However I was considering Yotia Declares Warimage as a potential option in earlier iterations.


Blood Fountainimage is great for this deck. Creates artifact fodder for our Sokenzan Smelterimage and Oni-Cult Anvilimage and is relevant late game for 2-for-1s against aggro and midrange decks by recurring two of our creatures. Each and every one of our creatures has a pretty vital use so we want to save the fountains themselves if we expect the game to be a grindy one.

Experimental Synthesizerimage is straight up gas in the form of a 1 mana artifact. It gives us an extra card when we play it and sac it, which can lead to some insane plays with the right board state. Ultimately you'll be wanting to play this for the most value you can, which would mean playing this card on turn 2-4 to smooth out draws, and saccing it with your anvil later on in the game for an extra card's worth of value. In a vacuum this card is a 2/2 vigilance and a draw 2, all for an initial 1 mana investment.

Grisly Sigilimage is one of the reasons this deck exists at all. Compare to a card like Voltage Surgeimage, a one mana removal spell that allows you to sacrifice a permanent you control to deal extra damage to a creature or planeswalker. Sigil is a lot better in this deck for a variety of reasons, but in a vacuum this card lets you sac a creature to deal 4 damage to a creature or planeswalker and have you gain 4 life, which is huge. In a less common case, it can be used to deal 1 damage to two different 1-power creatures and attempt a 2 for 1. The only drawback is this card being a sorcery, but in matchups where life total is important (cough cough Sheoldred, the Apocalypseimage) this card is still a much better choice.

Unlucky Witnessimage is super cool. When it dies, we essentially get to play another card in the current turn cycle out of the top two cards of our library. Because of these types of effects, it pays to sac the witness to effects early on in the turn to guarantee you're operating with full information and extending your hand appropriately. Use to help battle in the early game, then sac to a casualty spell later on for some extra card draw.

Weatherlight Compleatedimage. The amount of value this generates in our deck is so absurd that I'm making the call to include three (and maybe four later) copies in the maindeck. This is a card that forces the opponent to interact with it before it gets out of hand and draws you 20+ cards. Getting four creatures killed on our side is child's play in this deck, so we pretty much guarantee that it's at least a 5/5 flier that we can bean them in the air for, or hold back to block as a last resort. Essentially one of the first cards you'd want to try resolving if it's in your hand. Has tons of synergies with your various sac outlets in the deck.

Sokenzan Smelterimage is, in my humble opinion, one of the strongest Grizzly Bearsimage printed to date. Does nothing on curve, but when resolved on turn 3 allows you to spend your extra mana to animate one of the junk artifacts lying around into a 3/1 haste creature, and remains as a mook maker each subsequent turn until removed by the opponent. This card eats planeswalkers and control lists for breakfast, but is less effective if the opponent has an army of chumps of their own, like Wedding Announcement // Wedding Festivityimage. Also, paying 1 to kill a 3/1 and turn it into a 3/1 triggers death effects for Lagomos and Weatherlight.

Mukotai Soulripperimage is a terrifying addition to this deck. I have yet to exhaustively test this card in this deck, but on paper it should be a 2-mana haymaker that lets us junk our creatures/artifacts to try and bean the opponent for 5+ menace damage each turn when necessary. A great aggro piece to close out the game, as in the earlier iterations this deck had much fewer wincons and as a result pressured the opponent's life total much less. Crewing this with a 2/1 Lagomos elemental and sacrificing it to the Soulripper's ability is a particularly nasty interaction. After some testing this card performs excellently in this deck. Crewing can be an issue at times, but we're always able to sacrifice something to the ripper to make it that much harder to deal with, and to attempt to bean the opponent for 5+ damage each turn, which is exactly where we want to be for a 2-mana card like this.

Voldaren Bloodcaster // Bloodbat Summonerimage is a creature that's perfect for our deck. 2/1 flier for 2, and when it or any other nontoken creature you control dies, you get a Blood token. At 5 tokens she transforms and starts creating creatures of her own out of artifacts every turn, much like Sokenzan Smelterimage and Oni-Cult Anvilimage. Good in matchups like mono blue where an evasive, 2-power flier can really make a difference blocking early game, and lets you get extra value from your creatures if you decide to sacrifice them.

Oni-Cult Anvilimage is our other mook maker, and another reason this deck exists at all. Spawns 1/1 artifact creatures, deals damage to the opponent and gains you life, and lets you cache in useless artifacts for blockers and eventual death triggers. This kind of card is good in pretty much any context and helps you close out the game, so it's one to prioritize over more durdle-y options in the later game.

Lagomos, Hand of Hatredimage is a lot like Jadar, Ghoulcaller of Nephaliaimage with a few key differences. We can use Laggy as a blocker early game, sac the elementals with our Casualty cards, and tutor for any card we want late game. Pretty much a do-it-all creature for all the stuff this deck wants to do, and a creature that the opponent is more or less forced to answer in the late game.

Ob Nixilis, the Adversaryimage is our other 3-mana wincon. Two planeswalkers for 3 mana with our deck 99% of the time, which can immediately pressure an opponent's life total and card advantage by forcing them to lose value one way or the other. Making more creatures with Ob's -2 is also a great option if you're looking to stabilize against an aggro deck and power your other Casualty spells. A fantastic card that benefits greatly from clogging up the board with creatures and artifacts, which our deck is prone to do.


Fatal Grudgeimage is right at home in our deck. Think a more expensive Innocent Bloodimage that has a lot more value and flexibility attached. We like a card like this against a deck that tries to resolve powerful nontoken creatures on turns 3 onwards, such as Raffine, Schemeing Seer or Sheoldred, the Apocalypseimage. After that happens, we pretty much attempt to edict those powerful creatures away with this card. Alternatively, we can try to attack the opponent's artifacts or planeswalkers in a similar way.

Rotten Reunionimage; meme or dream? In a vacuum this creates 2 2/2 decayed zombies, and exiles up to 2 cards from a graveyard at instant speed. The zombies can crew and have Casualty synergies, so its a form of graveyard hate that's very on-brand with Casualty.

Unlicensed Hearseimage is the real deal. Brutal against mono blue and reanimator strategies, it does the job and does it well. Crash in with this card in the late game for the best results.

Ob Nixilis, the Adversaryimage. The other Obs are all here in case we run into a Farewellimage matchup or are up against control.

Duressimage is another card very effective against mono blue and control.

Drag to the Bottomimage is for when we're up against tokens and they somehow manage to out-token us, we have this as a last resort to reset the score.


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Last Updated: 28 Oct 2022
Created: 26 Oct 2022
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Mainboard - 60 cards (19 distinct)

Creature (14)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (20)
Land (21)
Other (4)
Planeswalker (1)

Sideboard - 15 cards (6 distinct)


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