Standard - BW Clerics (Bo3)

19 40
27 14 0 19
Midrange Combo

Tired of Omnath? Don't want to play red? Looking for something exciting? Then I've got the perfect deck for you!


I present you Black/white clerics. Aggressive boots on the ground, mean black combat tricks and turn 4/5 kills possible.


## The nuts

{{Speaker of the Heavens}} + {{Cleric of Life's Bond}} + {{Duskfang Mentor}} + {{Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose}}


T1: Speaker

T2: Play Cleric, attack with Speaker for 1 damage. Cleric is a 3/3. 19 vs 21 life.

T3: Play Mentor, gain 1 life, put a counter on Cleric. Cleric is a 4/4 with life-link. We attack for 5. 14 vs 27 life. We can create a 4/4 angel token.

T4: Play Vito, gain 1 life, deal 1 damage. Attack for 1+5+1+4 = 11. Gain 6 life. Vito deals an additional six damage. 0 vs 34 life.


## Deck

4 [[Brightclimb Pathway]] - Definitely need 4 of those

2 [[Castle Locthwain]] - We want to draw!

3 [[Agadeem's Awakening]] - This gets us our board back T6/7

2 [[Emeria's Call]] - Finisher. Wth Vito we don't care if we don't hit them directly. We just want to get a bunch of life

2 [[Sejiri Shelter]] - Alwys use protection!

2 [[Malakir Rebirth]] - More protection

1 [[Fight as One]] - Even more protection. We got a nice racially diverse cast of humans and non-humans. Hollywood would be proud!

2 [[Hagra Mauling]] - Getting rid of their biggest defender


3 [[Inscription of Ruin]] - I love that card. It is so versatile. Don't underestimate the discarding!

3 [[Archfiend's Vessel]] - Yes, we have plenty of ways to get that big demon

4 [[Speaker of the Heavens]] - Really busted in this deck, as we can easily get lots of life.

3 [[Nullpriest of Oblivion]] - A versatile attacker and also helps us rebuild our board.

4 [[Cleric of Life's Bond]] - Gets out of hand fast. Combos nicely with [[Duskfang Mentor]]

3 [[Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose]] - Whenever we gain life, we deal damage. And everything gains us life.

3 [[Taborax, Hope's Demise]] - Some card-draw insurance. Might go down to two copies.

3 [[Duskfang Mentor]] - We are very lucky that Kor aren't humans.

3 [[Orah, Skyclave Hierophant]] - Another insurance, this time against board-wipes. This triggers when your creatures dies, that means a board-wipe will allow you to return half your board at the same time.

1 [[Angel of Destiny]] - Just for the lulz.


## Sideboard

2 [[Fight as One]]  - More insurance

2 [[Erebos's Intervention]]  - To get rid of stuff in graveyards and gain life.

3 [[Duress]]  - Against control

2 [[Sorcerous Spyglass]] - Against Ugin.

2 [[Necromentia]] - Against Omnath ramp. Remove their Ultimatums or Ugins.

2 [[Heliod's Intervention]] - Remove pesky artifacts and enchantments and also combo with Vito.

2 [[Mangara, the Diplomat]] - Good against RDW and control?




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We don't know yet how the meta develops. Maybe Uro will be banned on monday. I would wait until the ban.

At the mome am most afraid of black control, as they have both [[Extinction Event]] and [[Shadows' Verdict]]. That as what we need the Necromentia for. [[Roiling Vortex]] on the other hand is easier to deal with.

Currently I am trying the deck with less indestructible and more resurrection - [[Archfiend's Vessel]] + [[Malakir Rebirth]] + [[Village Rites]].
rly nice deck need to try bud scaryy cos metagame arraiving u think its good vs other deck or craft cards after ?
Last Updated: 23 Sep 2020
Created: 23 Sep 2020
1698 203 2

Mainboard - 60 cards (20 distinct)

Creature (27)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (14)
Land (19)

Sideboard - 15 cards (7 distinct)


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