Standard - Brokxa Control

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Who doesn't love a good Grixis control deck? Bolas may have be reduced to nothing, but we can still celebrate his evil magic. A note on this deck: if you're not comfortable with how priority works, this is a great deck to test some of the more technical points of Magic! We're going to be seeing just what types of things we can abuse with [[Tale's End]] and [[Discontinuity]]. Our focus is doing some dirty stuff with Kroxa (without doing the Lazav/Kroxa trick).

I'll admit this one is still a work in progress. This deck tends to be "pile of good stuff", with a cool little combo in it.

Early Game: Permanent? Destroy it using one of your removal spells. Hand? Disrupt it. A big difference here is, you don't actually want to play [[Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger]] on Turn 2. Turn 3, keep removing, or throw down a [[Thief of Sanity]] or [[Narset, Parter of Veils]] to start getting a card engine going for yourself.

Mid Game: Turn 4 is your big turn here. If you're not clear on how to hold priority in Arena, check the italicized notes below to ensure you run this deck for it's full potential! So, with priority held, go ahead and cast [[Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger]]. Let the spell resolve, and then when Kroxa enters the battlefield, both abilities will be on the stack. You can either cast [[Tale's End]], target the sacrifice trigger, and let the discard trigger resolve, or let the "each opponent discards a card..." trigger resolve first, then, because priority is held, you can cast Tale's End safely on the "sacrifice" trigger. What this does now is, you got Kroxa's fun trigger, but got to keep Kroxa on the battlefield WITHOUT escaping him! Normally, a two-for-one to cast wouldn't be great - however, if your opponent can't respond to a turn 5 Kroxa attack, the game wil slowly slip away from them. That, and adding cards to your graveyard is ideal to just recast Kroxa again :). Note, you CAN use [[Discontinuity]] in place of Tale's End, but I don't recommend it (that, and you need to let the discard trigger resolve before casting it or you'll lose it).

To hold priority, you can either enter full control mode on Arena (hotkeys can be accessed here or just click the diamond of the appropriate phase. If you're pre-combat mainphase, click the shape immediately to the left of your Avatar to hold priority, a hue of color indicates priority held; if post-combat, click the shape immediately to the right. You want to ensure you don't miss holding priority, so if you use the diamonds, be sure to have it selected BEFORE you cast Kroxa.

Late Game: Now this is where the evil happens. You're either slamming your opponent with [[Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God]] or, maybe even worse, [[Discontinuity]]. Another fun priority trick, hold priority on your opponents upkeep (click the shape on the far-left of your opponent's Avatar). Now, cast Discontinuity. They will lose a turn and be unable to draw a card! They likely have no board from your earlier work, and their hand is being destroyed by Kroxa / Bolas while not being allowed to draw new cards from Discontinuity. Have fun with this, because I guarantee your opponent is not!

Strengths: Big creature-based decks or control decks. Combo decks can even be really killed easily if you draw the combo pieces with [[Thief of Sanity]] (okay that only happened once but still!).

Weaknesses: Mono-white auras, go-wide strategies. The mirror can be grindy as hell, so get ready.

Sideboarding Tips: Make your removal that much more efficient by adding in all the hate! [[Unmoored Ego]] leaving isn't bad because we have [[Necromentia] in it's place anyway (I personally prefer Unmoored Ego, so I'll run those until I'm forced to switch)

Rotation Tips: Tale's End, the lynchpin, is going. We might have to use 2 Discontinuity slots in place? Bolas and Narset are gone, and Thief of Sanity. I want to update this on rotation because I really love this deck, but have doubts of its survival.


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Last Updated: 04 Aug 2020
Created: 04 Aug 2020
1007 112 0

Mainboard - 60 cards (23 distinct)

Creature (12)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (20)
Land (24)
Planeswalker (4)

Sideboard - 15 cards (10 distinct)


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