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Aggro Control

67% win rate Human DnT list!


This list has been previously highlighted in the metagame stats (104W-67L or 61% win rate) with a personal record of 54-30 (64%) win rate.  I've since played it a lot more and made alterations and am currently on a 107-51 (67%) win rate (cumaltive across all versions of this decklist).  


Who is this deck for?

This deck is an aggro/tempo deck that uses disruptive pieces to maintain its board state and removal to maintain its damage.  It's a bit of a hybrid between Human Tribal and Death & Taxes, making more agressive than classic D&T.  

This deck is for you if you like:

  • Tempo Tribal decks (e.g. Modern/Historic Merfolk or Modern/Pioneer Spirits)
  • Love beating control (preventing boardwipes until turn 7 is fun!)
  • Having cheap tutorable answers in game 1
  • Having silver bullets for games 2 & 3


Playing vs Classic Control (Azorius, Esper or Jeskai)

Ideal hands will include Esper Sentinelimage; either Thalia, Guardian of Thrabenimage or a silver bullet; and either Reidane, God of the Worthyimage or Elite Spellbinderimage.  As Thalia & either Reidane or Spellbinder will push back key plays by 3 turns which is huge when that play is either Teferi or a board wipe whilst Sentinel will hopefully give you more cards to keep up with their removal and card draw.  Against nearly all types of control I'd mulligan to six if my opening hand had none of the above.  


  • Cut down to 1x Giant Killerimage except vs Jeskai where you want to cut down to 2x Giant Killerimage in the main
  • Take out all of Hopeful Initiateimage and some of Skyclave Apparitionimage if they are not bringing Artifact/Enchantment based removal (Esper is most likely not to do this - but you'll want to keep them if you think they're playing Esper Doom type decks)
  • Thalia's Lieutenantimage and Luminarch Aspirantimage are otherwise the weakest cards in this matchup, and trimming down on these to make room for the silver bullets is really helpful.  


  • All of the Elite Spellbinderimage to delay them from casting the threats / wipes
  • Silver bullets as follows:
    • Lion Sashimage if they are using their graveyard in anyway (mostly going to be brought in vs Jeskai and Esper Reanimator)
    • Drannith Magistrateimage if they are foretelling, using flashback and/or exile drawing (mostly going to be brought in vs Jeskai and Esper Reanimator)
    • Containment Priestimage if they are a Reanimator deck (also flash is generally useful vs control)
    • Archon of Emeriaimage can be really good if they are multi-spelling, and can really slow them down if you're on the play

This is a good matchup for playing Guardian of Faithimage if you have that card in your deck.


Playing vs 5 Colour Niv-Mizzet

This is the control deck that this deck is weakest to, they have fantastic threats, removal and card advantage, which makes Mono-White very jealous...

Similar tactics to the above except Reidane's stocks go down as their board wipes are T3 Deafening Clarionimage which is a pain in the...  But removal like Giant Killerimage and Skyclave Apparitionimage are almost mandatory in your opening hand.  Hitting their Territorial Kavuimage as soon as they cast it is required to keep attacking.  It's really hard to kill them before a T5 Niv and really hard to win after Niv so good luck?

Ideal hands will include either Esper Sentinelimage or Giant Killerimage; Thalia, Guardian of Thrabenimage; and either Skyclave Apparitionimage or Elite Spellbinderimage.  Unfortunately their isn't a golden bullet against them unless you decide to include a Stonecoil Serpentimage in your deck...  Again I'd mulligan to six if my opening hand had none of the above.  



This is a good matchup for playing Guardian of Faithimage if you have that card in your deck.


Playing vs Grixis Lurrus & Pheonix

This applies to all variants even though each will run different ratios of removal and threats, the sideboarding and opening hands are pretty much the same as opponent is trying to sling spells gain incremental card advantage by using their graveyard to maximum effect.



This is a good matchup for playing Guardian of Faithimage if you have that card in your deck.


Playing vs Aura Lurrus

I expect this deck to get more popular with the Pioneer challenger decks coming out...  This the a bad matchup if we don't draw our removal, kinda like 5 colour Niv.  



  • Always Lion Sashimage and Drannith Magistrateimage as they are a Lurrus deck
  • Consider adding some/all of the board wipes as they can get out of hand very quickly before we have a chance to build up


Playing vs Sythis Enchantments

Hail Sithis.  Anyway, the matchup isn't great however hopefully the addition of Hopeful Initiateimage will change that as having a tutorable, repeatable removal spell is going to give us additional percentage points against them.  




Playing vs Gruul Aggro/Tribal Aggro

This the matchup is challenging as we're built to go against control not to out-aggro aggro...  However maindeck still can do suprisingly well in game 1 - especially if you manage to get counters onto your Thalia as she can really stall their attacks.  



I know this doesn't add up to a 60 card main deck, so consider adding Esper Sentinelimage back in because it is a one drop and consider Archon of Emeriaimage especially on the play

Playing vs Lurrus & Jagantha Sacrifice 

Lurrus is easier to beat due to our graveyard hate, Jagantha tends to pivot into a more Jund-Mid post board which is much more challenging. 



Again you will have to tweek it slightly as this doesn't add up to 60 cards in the main deck


Notable exculsions & card selection discussion

Archon of Emeriaimage doesn't prevent enough as it still lets control play two spells a turn cycle (w/ flash speed) and if they counter your spell that's it... Also most decks are quite happy just playing their best card each turn and can screw over our turn 4 as we often want to double spell on T4....  Also Reidane, God of the Worthyimage is definitely the correct main deck choice over Archon of Emeriaimage, being able to slow down board wipes to turn 6 whilst being able to double spell has been amazing.  

From many reps I've found that Sungold Sentinelimage is weak as it doesn't exile enough cards nor does it exile at instant speed.  It was replaced by Rest in Peaceimage even though it isn't a human and gets hit by Thalia, Guardian of ThrabenimageRest in Peaceimage was in turn replaced by Lion Sashimage which doesn't get hit by Thalia, Guardian of Thrabenimage and can dodge boardwipes, but is a bit slow to get exiling.  

Similarly Intrepid Adversaryimage & Mikaeus, the Lunarchimage are both too slow/expensive.  I'm really sad about cutting Mikaeus as he has been a really cool tutor target for Ranger-Captain of Eosimage but has rarely been required.  

Having a mixture of Skyclave Apparitionimage and Brutal Cathar // Moonrage Brute really paid off in the previous meta but as removal is on the rise, I've replaced the Brutal Cathar // Moonrage Brute with more Giant Killerimage's as I don't like my opponent rebuying their ETB trigger when they remove the Cathar.  

Similarly having a mixture of Dauntless Bodyguardimage & Selfless Saviorimage initially worked fine.  However Selfless Saviour is the more flexible card, so cut Dauntless Bodyguardimage completely.  (Hopeful Initiateimage replaced it, but could see increasing the number of Selfless Saviour's in the main instead being the correct call)

Guardian of Faithimage has performed better than Restoration Angelimage for me due to the reliance of +1/+1 counters & low number of ETBs in the deck coupled with the lower mana value (enabling casting a 2 drop and hold up 3 mana), so I made a complete swap from 2 of each split to 4x Guardian of Faithimage.  However this is has been too slow and focusing 

I didn't cast Emeria's Callimage in over 50 games, I replaced it with a Plainsimage...

The deck's biggest weakness is aggro decks like Goblins & Elves, so I tried Settle the Wreakage and loved it.  Upped it to two in the side alongside a Citywide Bustimage and they have payed off.


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Last Updated: 14 Jul 2022
Created: 18 Sep 2021
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Mainboard - 60 cards (14 distinct)

Creature (37)
Land (23)

Sideboard - 15 cards (8 distinct)


Maybeboard - 8 cards (8 distinct)


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