Arena Standard - Turn 3 Sligh

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Turn 3 Sligh, is a turn 3 win really possible?, ofcourse it is, even if it is in an ideal hand... here is how

You take the Play

Turn 1 = cast [[Scorch Spitter]]... does no damage..YET, very typical play, especially in turn 1, I dread to think of the amounts of times this happens, it's almost boring right?

Opposition drops a multicoloured land like [[temple of mastery]] or [[breeding pool]] tapped as is typical for the current meta, pretty much 3 out of 5 top tier decks and doing this as automatic plays.

Turn 2 = cast double [[Fervent champion]] and push all out for 6 damage, easy, I have done this more often than I care to mention or for example, use a [[Furor the bitten]], Either way, its 5-6 damage

Opposition does some janky ramp crap noone cares about like casting [[Growth Spiral]] or [[Paradise Druid]] or has to drop a shock land like [[Breeding Pool]] (oh I love it when they do this) to cast the spiral anyway or make some janky play with an enchantment (don't say it doesn't happen because we all know it does) we are now on anywhere between 5 and 8 damage through right?

Turn 3, Well you know you can cause 5-6 damage already because they have done nothing to stop you and are tapped out twiddling their thumbs still trying to ramp out for some big epic play, so to push here without casting anything would be easy, you will have caused roughly 10-12 damage at the end of turn 3, quite easilly, just off a reasonable opening hand, so now you only need to push roughly 8-10 more damage for the game... but this is how things get fun..

lets say you have a [[Shock]] in hand along with [[infuriate]] and [[skewer the critics]], you play the [[shock]], [[Infuriate]] the [[scorch spitter]] and once the damage has gone through and resolved you cast Skewer, 2+3+3=8...

Ideal hands you say?, lucky plays you say?, what about Double [[Infuriate]] and [[Skewer the critics]], thats 9 damage off 3 mana, what about an extra champion instead of the other [[Infuriate]], what about an extra [[Shock]] or [[furor of the bitten]], we started off with 7 cards, this is turn 3, we had 2 extra draws... we run 4 of each of all of the cards mentioned... 0+6+14=20

Yes, turn 3 wins are possible in standard and if you think that is fun..look at the options for turn 4...

lets say your opponent killed one of your creatures and you are still say 5-6 damage behind, or they have a blocker, you missed out on a land-drop or whatever.. can you do an extra 5-6 damage off 3-4 mana?...

Cast [[bolt hound]], that is 3 mana, pushes for 2 and buffs your Spitter and your remaining champion by 1 each, that's 6 damage all in all.. without other buffs

What about squeezing extra damage from a card I havent even mentioned yet? like [[Heartfire]], [[Ember Hauler]] or [[Robber the Rich]]

Turn 4 wins are easy right? ;) Enjoy


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Last Updated: 02 Jul 2020
Created: 02 Jul 2020
510 82 0

Mainboard - 60 cards (12 distinct)

Creature (20)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (20)
Land (20)

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