Arena Standard - Streamer Event Dinos Bo1

18 47
31 7 0 22

End of Day 1 Changelog:

-3 Mountain, -1 Territorial Allosaurus, +2 Unclaimed Terriroty, +1 Shifting Ceratops, +1 Ranging Raptors


End of Day 2 Changelog:

-1 Ranging Raptors, -2 Needletooth Raptor, -1 Territorial Allosaurus, +2 Collision//Colossus, +2 Flame Sweep


Day 3 Update:

Will be streaming more of this list tonight.  However, today we lost our win and in to Mythic after starting in Bronze 2 cause I was lazy last month.  We are hitting a very narrow meta and going 50/50 atm, but playing several top 10 Mythics.  MMR should be solid and the deck is good!


Update 2:  Still not Mythic, actually running close to 50/50.  Towards the top of the ladder, the deck is preforming around 50/50 overall.  It may need more tweeks, the meta may be shifting it out of favor.  Will try to test it more tomorrow, and will have better conclusions.  The power level is insane, but cheap removal and more prevalent amounts of boardwipes are making it harder to capitalize on explosive openers.  A slower verison may be preferred or a Mono G deck may become superior.  As of now, my opinions are shifting away from it being tier 1 (it most certainly was for at least 2 days) to calling it viable at the moment.  More updates to come.


Update 7/6

Some changes need to be made for a changing meta, but I think Dino Stompy is here to stay.  Will be testing changes today and hopefully have a new list of revisions for you guys tonight.


Update 7/7

The deck is probably Tier 2 at this point.  In the right meta it will okay, other Stompy decks and enough control can hurt the winrate.  At this point, I probably wouldn't recommend it for climbing, though it most certainly is capable of it.  A more aggro Gruul deck atm is probably prefer in the current meta.


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Good deck
Last Updated: 07 Jul 2019
Created: 02 Jul 2019
1639 250 1

Mainboard - 60 cards (17 distinct)

Creature (31)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (7)
Land (22)

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