Arena Standard - Goose and Mavrick

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Midrange Control

Goose & Maverick

This is my Top Gun deck full of the flying ace doves. This deck is a challenge I gave myself to see if I could make an okay Defender style Wingmantle Chaplainimage deck. That can sort of hang. Here is the idea. That there are some easy to cast early defenders that can help provide board presence and be somewhat threating. 

The Bulwark can help against control decks as it is easy to lay down on the battlefield and if they have no creatures and have open mana for dispells then just pump mana into Bulwark and attack. 

The Surge Engine is just all around good. It can be a nasty threat if you pump a bit of mana into it and its stats can get big enough quickly to put up a decent threat. Then if you have nothing to do and 6 mana you can draw. 

The support card that I think was kind of a nice idea is the Meticulous Excavationimage an enchantment that comes down for 1 and you can pay a white and 2 mana to put back any of your permentants into your hand during you turn. This means it can protect your creatures, forcing them to use removal during their turn and not on yours. It also mean you can pick up your Chaplain and replay him if you have the mana. 

The other cards that are nice are the value cards / life and hand fixers.  

Faithful Mending while a loot spell can fix your hand and give you back 2 life. It can dig you out of pinces and land floods. 

Tocasia's Welcome is a great way to get value out of your low powered defenders and lovely crack ace top gun doves. Where each one time you play a creature or make a dove you get a card. The Meticulous Excavationimage are diggin' you up value now. 

Then there is the Mill and Graveyard hate to help with the pesky reanimator decks Reito Sentinelimage. This card will ETB mill the opponent. Then for 3 colorless mana let you put a card from graveyard to bottom of openents deck. Not as good as an exile effect but you take what you can get, and it is a 3/3 defender artifact creature avoiding Cut Downimage and Go for the Throatimage which can be nice.

Then there are a standard package of protection and removal cards: 

  • Fateful Absenceimage, get rid of pesky openent threats. 
  • Negateimage, stop them nasty spells, planeswalkers, or artifacts from ruining you fun. 
  • Farewellimage, nice reset of creature or powerstones, cleans them graveyards. 
  • Touch the Spirit Realmimage, Protect and bounce your creatures, remove enemy creature threats. 

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Last Updated: 25 Jan 2023
Created: 25 Jan 2023
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Mainboard - 60 cards (17 distinct)

Creature (16)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (20)
Land (24)

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