Arena Standard - Athreos, The Collector

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For a long time I've wanted to make [Athreos, Shroud Veiled]] work, but he's very expensive, and it's hard to get him on the board since his devotion is 7BW.

A few days ago Hello Good Game posted something he called "Orzhov Prison Control" which featured Athreos and basically all the removal in the game.

I made some modifications which I think improve your chances of winning with this weird but fun alternative play style.

Here's a screenshot of a winning board... bear in mind there are no creatures in my deck.



The core of this deck is removal. You have enough spot removal, boardwipes, exile effects, etc to remove basically anything that gets thrown at you all day long.

The kicker is, once you have Athreos on the battlefield, you start putting coin counters on your opponent's creatures, so when they die or become exiled, they immediately come back... under your control.

The other core function of the deck is digging... between Guild Globe, Golden Egg, Mazemind Tome, and Treacherous Blessing, your hand will be full 90% of the time.

Do not keep a hand without a boardwipe in it. You can keep a 2 lander if you have a some card draw (guild glove, golden egg, mazemind). If you stay alive long enough to get Athreos, Sorin, and Ugin on the board, you are home free.


Here are the changes I have made from the HGG version

Added Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord... You may take a lot of damage by the time Athreos gets on the board, so Sorin is a good way to get a few points here and there, give lifelink to the creatures you collect, and did you know Sorin gives Ugin lifelink? That's a 3 damage 3 life attack every turn, for free. Once you get him out obviously.

Swapped out Eat to Extinction for Elspeth... sometimes Ugin or Sorin will die, and it's nice to bring them back. Also, I was having trouble removing artifacts, such as Magic Mirror or God Pharaohs statue, since Eat to Extinction only hits creatures and PWs. However, you may want to sideboard Eat to Extinction if you find you need more instant speed removal.

Added Treacherous Blessing... Draw 3 cards, and then remove it with Doom Foretold. And even if you can't get it removed right away, the damage can be offset by Sorin, Oath of Kaya, etc.

Reduced Despark, boardwipes, etc... There is still a ton of removal in this deck, so much so that I am usually hand flooded with board wipes. But now we're getting through our deck and finding Athreos way faster.

Bad Matchups

If they don't have creatures, just scoop. Your wincon becomes "whittle them down with Ugin +2" and that is going to take forever. So things like mill decks or control are not your friend.

Also mill is going to be bad for you since you are intentionally going to go through 40-50 cards on your own just be drawing so many.


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@soliloquynow good tips! i will try it out. i tended to move away from heartless act because of all the stonecoil/hydroid/barkhide/etc etc etc counter creatures that are in the meta right now, but eliminate would work in those situations.
I'd suggest maybe going for some 2 mana instant speed removal maindeck? Mortify is a great card, but sometimes the w/b in the casting cost hurts. Heartless Act is a fantastic option and Eliminate really let's you contest early game board states (and really importantly helps a LOT against mono White lifegain by killing their early Pridemates). I might also suggest going 3/1 on Shatter the Sky and Extinction Event to make sure you can hit more stuff and not have Athreos mess up your even/odd sp
Last Updated: 18 Aug 2020
Created: 07 Aug 2020
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Mainboard - 60 cards (19 distinct)

Creature (2)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (30)
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