Historic - Abyssal Tutelage (TurboMill)

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Control Combo

Abyssal Tutelage (Turbo Mill)

Basically it's [[Peer into the Abyss]]-[[Teferi's Tutelage]] combo, BUT with a lot more efficiency built in. The name was a homage to Demonic Tutor , FYI.

1) Turn 1 : [[Overwhelmed Apprentice]], or start cycling to find pieces. <-- bit improvement instead of drop land-go for most other mills

2) Just play your own game and occasionally take a few hits before blocking with apprentice. It works well as a 1/2 (stopping the 1/1 aggro's like fervent champions)

3) All you need is one tutelage and peer to randomly win. I have opted for a bit more control build from turn 2 onwards to take out early threats then drop tutelage and peer for the win. 

4) This is ok as a BO1 deck, but found that after boarding BO3 works better. The main deck version is pretty much the most direct/combo searching version. The board brings in additional delays and protections against the opponent deck.

5) The deck pretty much runs at instant speed, minus the Apprentice (when you have spare mana) and the combo pieces ([[Teferi's Tutelage]]/[[Peer into the Abyss]])

Rotation: Will survive

Only thing it loses is 2 Watery Graves. (Replace with scry-land) and The Elderspell (Replace with Murderous Rider?)

Play Tips:

1) Big tip: When [[Teferi's Tutelage]] comes out, if there's no [[Frantic Inventory]] in grave, drop one into the grave. The 'conversion rate' is about 1 mana per card (cycle). The first Frantic Inventory is 2 mana for 1 card (not worth it), but once it's discsarded, the second one is immediately 1:1 mana/card for mill. 

2) Play 'control style', pretty much cycle (preference)/counter(if threat) on opponent's turn. After about 3 turns after [[Teferi's Tutelage]], [[Into The Story]] becomes 4 mana:4 cards.. if they don't play anything. Good hand refill, mill and draw more counter/threats. 

3) If you have no cycle in starting hand, I tend to mulligan (unless you have tutelage).

4) The deck combos off at 7 land (3 swamps). Once you have the Peer/Tutelage combo, you just win :) It will be rare that you have that much less cards than half the opponent. Check before combo'ing anyway.

5) Pre sideboard, the deck can survive on a 1 land hand opening (if have cyclers/opt)


Unsummon - vs big-value creature decks (expensive, etc)

Essence Scatter - vs mutate, or questing beast decks

Grafdiggers vs grave fun decks (Uro, Lurrus)

Mystical Dispute - vs Ramp/Blue. 

The Elderspell - vs Planeswalker heavy decks

Pestilent Haze - vs Weenie


Dimir Surveil - Sub in unsummons for early flyers, and cycle into counters. The version I saw ran Lisav, just bounce him :)

Simic Flash (Tough)

Game 1 : Counter Cunning Nightbonder and that wolf. Tough matchup if either resolve.

-4 Boon of the Wish-Giver
-4 Didn't Say Please
+4 Unsummon
+4 Essence Scatter

Game 2 : Cerratops will be sided in. Bring some black removal in, or the Flood of tears will be your only 1 turn delay before you combo off. Unsummon delays the Nightbonder on turn 2 so they keep having to play it. Drown in the Loch backs up the counter on turn 2+

Orzhov-life (Sorin/Ajani)

Game 1: Just keep to plan and mill

+2 elderspell (Ajani, Sorin)
+4 Unsummon
+Essence Scatter
+2 Stern Dismissal (Black Shrine + 2 Dawn of Hope)

-4 Boon
-1 Flood of Tears

Game 2: Basically run them into your counter-wall. Win :)

Yorion (Easy ish?)

I ran up against a 120 card Yorion deck and an 70 card one. Both seem to be a variant of the enchantment/ramp type decks. Easyish game since they are very 'wasteful' in casting to ramp/etc. This gives Drown in the Loch a lot of playabilities very early. Only tip is: Try to get 2 Tutelage on the board, and combo off FTW.

Things to counter: Aerie, Setessian Champion. 

Sideboard: Depending on the enemy build, may bring in some Essence Scatter/Unsummons. 


Expected rating:

This is one of my main decks has gotten success up until Platinum 2 for me so far. If shuffler doesn't hate me ;) Just hit Plat 2 with this deck last night ;)


- Down in the Loch came in as a counter/removal for more stability on the board/counter, but forced land changes (-2 Island +2 swamp) to ensure some black early in the game.
- Unsummons brought to sideboard to deal with more creature decks. Cheap delay tactic before cycling.
- Thought Collapse removed. All 4 slots now done by Down in the Loch.
- Grafdigger's Cage for Uro's and other Lurrus shenanigans (unfortunately, I ownly own 1).

Folio of Fancy removed to despite being great in a mirror/control matchup. Just not enough value. 

- Flood of Tears is great as a non targetted bounce all for decks that invest hard in a board, then gets reset. However the meta seems a lot too fast at the moment. Testing Sublime Epiphany as a board swinger or grafdiggers vs Uro

- Other choices of interest: Necromentia (Deal with Uro, or shifting ceratops, ugin), Ashiok Nightmare muse , Not instant :-/

- Thief of Sanity : Creatures? who needs them. May work in some matchups, but trying to keep to instant speed deck.

After playing in the Redbull tourney, some changes have been made to tune it better for the pack. Ashiok's Erasure, Extinction Event, and Ashiok, Nightmare muse came into sideboard.

- Moved the deck from its prime to Historic (BO1). Though the sideboard is set to BO3 towards end of rotation.

- Standard version will be split off on its own for now


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Last Updated: 19 Sep 2020
Created: 30 Jul 2020
697 242 0

Mainboard - 60 cards (19 distinct)

Creature (4)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (37)
Land (19)

Sideboard - 15 cards (9 distinct)


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