Historic - HST Kinnan (Turn 2 Win Possible)

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Cards to Mull for:

High priority: [Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy] [Mox Amber]

Not as high priority: [Emry, Lurker of the Loch]


A note about the land count:

This deck has to cram a ton of stuff in, and even then some potential inclusions have been left out. There's only 20 lands. Once you have some cantrips going on turn 2, you'll be fine, BUTDO NOT KEEP ONE LAND HANDS unless you have a CLEAR line of play. This will be your undoing. 2 Lands in Mull are what you aim for. This allows you to play the majority of the deck.


Possible turn 2 win combo starts like this:

On turn 2, have Kinnan and a mox in hand. Cast Kinnan, and the mox is now worth 2 free mana. From there, you can cast another mox, a mind stone, chromatic sphere, or other cards that generate more mana than they cost and draw cards.

With 4 mana, you can combo the full deck.


More reliable turn 3 win:

Turn 1 play a 1 mana artifact or pass.

Turn 2 have Kinna, Emry, and mox. Play Kinna, play mox, play emery.

Turn 3, use emery to juggle moxes in graveyard, etc., and combo out with Aetherflux Resevoir. Focusing on getting that down asap, followed by Scrapheap for the win.


Long games:

You can win the battle of attritrion from life gain. 



Anything that exiles your Aetherflux Resevoir. Uncommon in Bo1, and in Bo3 you can sideboard around it.


With Kinnan out, the cards are super charged. With Kinnan AND Scrap Trawler out, you likely have a winning line on the board.


Some examples of how Kinna and Scrap affect your list:[Mox Amber] - Becomes 2 mana for each one (great with Emry or Scrap shenanigans)

[Chromatic Sphere] Gain 1 mana, draw a card, and trigger Scrap for a graveyard mox

[Guild Globe] Pay 1 mana draw a card (same turn), and trigger Scrap for a graveyard mox

[Terrarion] Pay 1 mana - next turn gain 1 mana draw, and recur the graveyard mox


Some cards to consider trying:

[Metallic Rebuke]

[Thirst for Knowledge]

[Merchant's Dockhand]

[Midnight Clock]

[Corridor Monitor]

[Sai, Master Thopterist]


Possible maindeck variations:

[Whir of Invention] *Special Note* This MIGHT be a card really needs to be in the deck mainboard, however, I have not tested it yet. So far, I have not had issues getting moxes, but the sample size of games played is not high enough. If it turns out [Mox Amber] is not getting drawn enough (you really want 1 in the graveyard, and 1 in play), then Whir of Invention may be needed. This is an INSTANT cast spell, and at the very least you can tutor [Mox Amber] at instant speed for 3, and with Kinnan out that becomes a pay 1 mana get mox. See also [Tezzeret's Gatebreaker].

Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy's activated ability:

You have very few targets with this ability, so use it wisely. Here's what you can realistically expect it to do:

1) Grab an [Emry, Lurker of the Loch]. Use this ability if your missing a Mox, or Aetherflux Resevoir in the graveyard. When Emry enters the battlefield (assuming you already have another one out) it will mill four cards. You can then use the existing Emry to recur a larger selection of artifacts. IF YOU WANT TO MAKE THIS MOVE, DO IT BEFORE TAPPING THE EMRY YOU ALREADY HAVE.

2) Grab a [Scrap Trawler], use to set up a combo, or use this in response to board clear to get some card advantage.


Enjoy! Right now this is NOT being mainboard teched against, as most artifact hate is using destroy effects. While we can deal with destroy effects with [Emry, Lurker of the Loch], we cannot deal with exile effects from cards like [Cast Out] or [Ixalan's Binding]. If you start seeing exile, consider adding cards like [Metallic Rebuke], [Lazotep Plating], and/or [Padeem, Consul of Innovation].




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Last Updated: 20 Nov 2020
Created: 19 Nov 2020
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