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Jeepers Creepers


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This deck capitalizes on the recurring synergy between Silversmote Ghoulimage and Sorin, Imperious Bloodlordimage to create a formidable combination. However, it doesn't rely solely on this duo to secure victory, as it possesses a few additional tricks up its sleeve to dominate the night.


The Creatures: 

Shambling Ghastimage is a ghastly one-drop that serves as a disposable creature, consistently providing value upon its demise. It also functions as excellent reanimation material, synergizing well with the next card in the deck.


Relentless Deadimage repeatedly resurrects your undead army, ensuring their relentless presence on the battlefield. Its menace ability grants the opportunity for an unhindered attack, but its most remarkable feature lies in its ability to replace itself with another creature whenever you have available mana. This perpetual revival can become a source of endless frustration for your opponent.


Undead Butlerimage offers yet another avenue for resurrecting creatures from your graveyard but might also benifit from declining the exile to bring it back again later for the self mill once more. Additionally, it boasts the advantage of self-milling, which synergizes with cards like Creeping Chillimage and our next creature.


Silversmote Ghoulimage possesses a clever trick—it returns from the graveyard to the battlefield whenever you gain 3 life, a feat that can be accomplished through various means within the deck. In addition to its respectable attacking power, the ghoul can be sacrificed to draw a card, making it a versatile asset. Be sure to reserve some mana for this purpose whenever possible.


Kalitas, Traitor of Ghetimage stands as the deck's formidable powerhouse. His lifelink ability aligns perfectly with the deck's theme, and his capability to bolster his own power suits our strategy remarkably well. Through the utilization of our planeswalker's ability, it is even possible to expedite Kalitas's entrance onto the battlefield as early as the third turn, rendering him a force to be reckoned with.



The Spells:

Bloodchief's Thirstimage presents a versatile removal option that gains even more potency in the late game when its kicker cost is paid. Its ability to handle planeswalkers adds to its value and makes it an essential inclusion in this deck.


Go for the Throatimage is a straightforward instant-speed removal spell. While Infernal Graspimage can be a viable alternative, Go for the Throat offers a more lenient approach. The only drawback arises when facing an opponent who heavily relies on artifact creatures, but fear not, as there are ample alternative methods to address such a situation.


Sovereign's Biteimage swiftly strips away 3 life from your opponent, but more importantly, it provides the crucial 3 life gain required to resurrect our Ghoul from the graveyard.


Creeping Chillimage offers a cunning means of dealing damage to your opponent, particularly when combined with cards like Undead Butlerimage or Takenuma, Abandoned Mireimage. With the potential to deal a total of 12 damage if all four copies are utilized, it can be a game-changer. Additionally, if the opportunity presents itself, you can play it directly from your hand. 


The Other Stuff: 

The Meathook Massacreimage offers an effective method to clear the board while granting you the opportunity to manipulate life totals, either by gaining life for yourself or taking it from your foes. As the game progresses, this card becomes increasingly valuable, and it can even serve as a sneaky win condition if your opponents' life totals are low enough. You can strategically wipe out your own creatures and tokens to further advance your strategy.


Sorin, Imperious Bloodlordimage plays a vital role in this deck, complementing the combo involving Silversmote Ghoulimage. Sorin brings a plethora of benefits to the table, including boosting our creatures with his first ability and enabling us to put any vampire from our hand directly into play with his final ability. While vampires are not the most abundant in our deck, Kalitas, Traitor of Ghetimage proves particularly advantageous in this regard. However, it is Sorin's middle ability that truly shines, allowing us to sacrifice a vampire to deal 3 damage to our opponent and gain 3 life. This triggers our Silversmote Ghoul, which we intentionally sacrifice for the ability, creating a satisfying loop of interaction.


The Gameplan:

 Summon your zombies and if they perish, bring them back to life. The deck provides you with life gain, granting you durability against your opponents. Be mindful of boardwipes and avoid overcommitting to the board. Slowly chip away at your opponent's life total, leveraging the synergies within the deck. As long as your foe lacks significant life gain, you have a solid chance of inching your way to victory, dealing three damage at a time.


Feel free to comment if you would like to see more my decks and please link here and give me a shout out if you used this deck and had fun.


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@khtodd, one of the weaker matchups for sure, but if your running into it a lot, try putting in [[Knight of dusk's Shadow]] in place of relentless undead (or sideboard it) that card works wonders in my "Knight Rider" deck to shut angels down. also could sideboard [[Tainted Remedy]]. otherwise, just aim to use your removal wisely and it might still be able to pull of a win.
How does it hold up against lifegain decks?
Last Updated: 28 Jul 2023
Created: 19 Jul 2023
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Mainboard - 60 cards (13 distinct)

Creature (18)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (16)
Land (22)
Planeswalker (4)

Sideboard - 7 cards (4 distinct)


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