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Twice Upon A Time

“Not every tale ends in glory.”


This deck is not only a formidable threat on the battlefield but also a sight to behold, with its visually stunning cards sourced primarily from the Adventure cards in "Throne of Eldraine". With the majority of the cards in the deck offering two-for-one value, this deck is built to be both beautiful and deadly. With nearly every creature in the deck having an Adventure ability that grants an Instant or Sorcery ability, and some of the non-Adventure cards boosting them even further, this deck offers an unparalleled level of versatility and flexibility in combat. Whether you're looking for card draw or powerful effects that can be copied for even greater impact, this deck has everything you need to dominate the battlefield.

So if you're looking for a deck that is not only powerful but also visually stunning, this Adventure-themed deck is the perfect choice for you.


 The Creatures:

Edgewall Innkeeperimage is an essential card in this deck, as it offers unparalleled card draw whenever you play another creature. The only drawback is that you can't opt out of this ability, so keep an eye on how many you have on the field, or risk burning through your deck too quickly.

Foulmire Knightimage is a key defensive creature that can buy you the precious time you need to set up your strategy. With 1/1 deathtouch, it can easily stop big creatures in their tracks, protecting your board and your game plan.

Order of Midnightimage takes to the skies and is perfect for dealing those important hits. Keep in mind that it can't block, so make every attack count.

Rimrock Knightimage is a powerful attacker that can help you push for damage or trade with an opponent's creature.

Smitten Swordmasterimage is one of our two sources for lifelink, which will come in handy in longer games where your hit points really start to matter.

Bonecrusher Giantimage is a formidable force on the battlefield, dealing serious damage and drawing your opponent's attention away from your other creatures.

Lovestruck Beastimage is an even bigger and better Beatstick, with the stipulation that you must have a 1/1 on the board to attack. However, this deck has the ability to produce a minimum of 12 1/1s, so you should be in good shape.

Murderous Riderimage is a versatile creature that not only boasts lifelink, but also has the ability to return to the bottom of your library if killed. With a bit of clever foresight, this can make it much harder for your opponent to mill or run you out of cards.

Beanstalk Giantimage is the ultimate Beatstick in this deck, boasting an impressive minimum 7/7 stat line by the time you hard cast it. And it only gets stronger from there!


The Spells:

Heart's Desireimage is the perfect early game play, generating a 1/1 creature that can block or attack as needed. And with the potential to copy the spell, we can easily build a wide board and overwhelm our opponent.

Boulder Rushimage turns our small 1/1 creatures into powerful 3/1 attackers, or simply adds extra damage to our strategy. Use it to take down enemy creatures or go straight for the opponent's life total.

Curry Favorimage is a knight's best friend, scaling up in power with every additional knight on the board. With 18 knights in the deck, this spell can quickly become a devastating force, especially when copied for even more impact.

Stompimage is a versatile spell that deals 2 damage to any target, and a whopping 4 when copied. Use it to take out problematic creatures or chip away at the opponent's life total, depending on your strategy.

Alter Fateimage is a valuable tool for bringing back creatures and their adventures, allowing you to use them again before casting them onto the battlefield. Keep this spell in mind for those critical moments when you need an extra creature on the board.

Fertile Footstepsimage provides essential mana acceleration for the deck, fetching a land that enters the battlefield untapped for maximum efficiency. Plan your colors carefully to make the most of this powerful spell.

Profane Insightimage may cost 1 life per cast, but the card draw it provides can be worth the sacrifice. With the lifelink cards in the deck, this spell can help you stay ahead in the long game.

Swift Endimage is a game-changing removal spell, capable of destroying both creatures and planeswalkers at the cost of 2 life. Don't hesitate to use it when you need to take out a key target.


The Other Stuff:

Lucky Cloverimage is an essential card that copies every adventure spell you play, and since almost every card in the deck has an adventure, it's a definite must-play. However, beware that it becomes a prime target for your foes, and it can get a little tricky with the stack and creature exiles.


The Gameplan:

As a Jund deck, it's important to prioritize getting all three colors out, but black reigns supreme and should be the first color you focus on doubling up. The game plan revolves around Lucky Cloverimage, which is an absolute must-play and often draws a lot of attention from opponents. This versatile deck can pivot between a more aggressive or control-oriented strategy with ease, adapting to the situation at hand. For example, you can overwhelm your opponent with 1/1 tokens and powerful creatures, pumping them up with a double dose of Boulder Rushimage thanks to Lucky Cloverimage. Or, you can take a more defensive approach, holding back with your creatures and using Lucky Cloverimage to deal damage with spells like Stompimage and Curry Favorimage. In the sideboard, consider swapping Rimrock Knightimage for Embereth Shieldbreakerimage against artifact-heavy decks, or replacing Beanstalk Giantimage with either Crux of Fateimage or Putrefyimage depending on your opponent's deck. Note that the true mana curve is more like "19 | 21 | 24 | 2" due to the inclusion of Adventure cards.


Feel free to comment if you would like to see more my decks and please link here and give me a shout out if you used this deck and had fun.


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Last Updated: 28 Aug 2023
Created: 05 Jan 2023
376 82 0

Mainboard - 60 cards (18 distinct)

Creature (32)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (4)
Land (24)

Sideboard - 7 cards (3 distinct)


Maybeboard - 6 cards (2 distinct)


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