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Drakes Denial


Discover a thrilling new adventure with this Explorer Drake Tribal deck, where every move you make counts! Strategize your way to victory by unleashing powerful Kicker cards that will give you ultimate control over your opponent's board state. And that's not all - with the Roost of Drakesimage, you'll also be able to create an army of lofty Drake Tokens that will soar over the battlefield and dominate your opponent. Don't miss your chance to explore this exciting new deck and experience the rush of victory like never before!


The Creatures:

Pteramanderimage a great one-drop card that's perfect for applying early pressure to your opponents. Thanks to our speedy spell-casting, the Adapt cost of this card is quickly paid, enabling you to take full advantage of its capabilities in no time.

Needlethorn Drakeimage is an excellent blocker that will help you hold off your foes and keep them at bay. Equipped with Death Touch, this little guy can take out nearly any creature with ease, and once in a while, it can even fly over and score a hit of its own. Add this versatile card to your deck and watch as it frustrates your opponents and helps you gain the upper hand in battle. (Consider adding a 4th if room can allow)

Stormchaser Drakeimage although our deck may not fully capitalize on its ability, this creature can still trigger in a variety of ways, granting you the coveted card advantage while also paying for those pesky Kicker costs and hopefully summoning more Drake tokens to the battlefield. While Shell Shieldimage is the preferred card for this creature, there are several others that can work just as well, albeit with some drawbacks. Nonetheless, this creature is not to be overlooked, as it can still fly over for 2 damage and pack a punch when needed.


The Spells:

 Shell Shieldimage is not only the cheapest in the deck, but it's also a valuable asset in more ways than one. With its Kicker cost set at a low value, it can quickly trigger our deck mechanic and set us up for success. Plus, it has the added benefit of potentially saving our creatures by increasing their defense or giving them "Hexproof" when kicked. And let's not forget its incredible synergy with the Stormchaser Drakeimage, as previously mentioned. Don't underestimate the power of this little spell

Blink of an Eyeimage & Into the Roilimage meet the dynamic duo of the deck! With two cards that give you the same result, returning just about anything to its owner's hand, this combo is the bread and butter of our strategy. And when you add in the ability to draw a card by paying the Kicker cost, you're well on your way to achieving that all-important card advantage. And the best part? The cost for all this power is more than reasonable.

Joint Explorationimage What's not to love about this card? Before you even draw a card, you get to scry 2, setting yourself up for success and ensuring that you'll be drawing the cards you need to succeed. And when you pay the Kicker cost, you'll get an extra land onto the battlefield, boosting your mana advantage and allowing you to pay those more costly Kicker costs down the road.

Lofty Denialimage No control deck is complete without a counter spell, and this card is here to deliver! While it doesn't have a Kicker cost, it does play off the build of our deck by becoming even more powerful if we control a flying creature - which, let's face it, all of our creatures are. As long as we can keep at least one flyer on the board, this card has incredible value. Of course, we do need to be mindful of our opponents' untapped mana, especially in the late game when resources are running thin. So let's play smart, keep our wits about us, and use this powerful counter spell to outmaneuver and outplay our opponents at every turn!


The Other Stuff:

Bubble Snareimage if you looking for a card that can slow down your opponent's momentum? Look no further than this versatile gem. With the ability to target a tapped creature, it's perfect for disrupting your opponent's strategy and gaining a much-needed advantage after they attack and tapped their creature. And if you're feeling extra spicy, pay the kicker cost and tap the creature as well for even greater control over the battlefield.

Roost of Drakesimage Are you looking for a way to cash in on all those pesky Kicker costs? Look no further than this key card, the backbone of the entire deck. Whenever you pay a Kicker cost in addition to the card's already impressive effects, you'll also create a 2/2 flying Drake, bolstering your army and giving you the power to fly over your enemy's defenses and claim victory. And with a whopping 24 spells that have Kicker costs in the deck (including itself), the potential for Drake tokens is practically guaranteed.

Inscription of Abundanceimage is definitely worth a mention from the sideboard cards, Iā€™m 50/50 on adding it into the main deck, as it has good synergy with the deck and could be really nice combo with Needlethorn Drakeimage with its last option or an adapted Pteramanderimage with the first option to gain some life, we might consider swapping out one of each Blink of an Eyeimage, Into the Roilimage, and Joint Explorationimage to make room for it. The only drawback is that it can be a little pricey on the Kicker side of things, so we'll need to be careful and strategic when using it to make sure we get the most out of its powerful effects.


The Gameplan:

The beauty of this deck is that everything is pretty cheap at its base level - it's the kicker costs that can really add up. But don't be fooled - each of these kicker cards is essential to the deck's success. Fortunately, Throne of Makindiimage can help mitigate some of these costs, making it a valuable addition to the deck.


Your top priority should always be to get Roost of Drakesimage out on the field as soon as possible, so make sure to keep it in your starting hand whenever possible. From there, focus on playing control and stalling your opponent by returning costly cards to their hand or tapping their big creatures whenever possible. Most of your spells are instant speed, so try to use them on the opponents end step whenever possible to avoid summoning sickness and get those drakes into play as quickly as possible. With careful play and strategic use of your cards, you can deny your opponent the win and emerge victorious.


Feel free to comment if you would like to see more my Tribal decks and please link here and give me a shout out if you used this deck and had fun.


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Last Updated: 18 Feb 2023
Created: 16 Feb 2023
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Mainboard - 60 cards (15 distinct)

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Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (28)
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Sideboard - 7 cards (3 distinct)


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