Commander - 01/32: Kozilek, The Great Distortion

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Aggro Control

1/32: Colorless - Kozilek, Great Distortion. 

So this is the first deck of my 32 commander deck challenge to own a complete deck of each individual color identity. (With some duplicates because some commander's hold a dear place in my heart.) For clarification, while I do enjoy CEDH brews, I do not have the budget for it nor do people getting into Commander have the experience to understand why [[Ad Naus]] is a great card. All of my write ups and decks are meant to play as a fun brew or introduction to the color it represents as they are part of a 32 deck challenge to have as a game night with friends.

Overall this deck is straight forward and easy to play with mana rocks ramping into Kozilek, GD, then you control what happens and just hit people with Koz GD because well he's a 12/12 and there really isn't much to say beyond getting hit twice means you lose. Being in colorless you have fast artifact ramp to go from 2 to 12 mana in less than 3 turns. Once you play Koz, GD you refill your hand and begin to control the game with his ability to discard a card to counter a spell of the same CMC. When you hit your stride at around 7-9 mana you can start churning high CMC eldrazi and other big colorless threats.

-Efficient Manabase, easy to determine a good opening, and even a two land hand with the right rocks can be gas.
-Straight Forward, summon big creatures, refill hand and don't let up.
-Commander Damage, [[Kozilek, the Great Distortion]] kills in 2 hits.

-Artifact Reliance, you can get blown out by an early [[Vandalblast]]. Unfortunately there really won't be any sort of change or work around to the deck to bring this issue down until more sets are released with colorless themed cards.
-Huge Target, everyone knows to $%^! Tron, so expect some hate. You'll likely have the biggest creatures expect that your creatures will be taking a [[Path to Exile]] frequently.
-Bad Early Draws, if your opening hand doesn't have a good ramp line, you might sit at around 6 mana durdling. While most games you might make it through this, don't expect to get out alive in a cutthroat game.  

Again I will [[Reiterate]] that all of the 32 decks will be tuned to some degree to play with all the other 32 well enough and as I playtest each deck more and make potential changes or get feedback, I will make changes. I do however like themes and flavor over function sometimes so we will have to see how it goes. Additionally, some decks will be built intentionally more powerful than the rest if they are a personal favorite. While this collection of 32 decks is as much a guide as it is a catelog for my own commander collection. Thanks for reading and I'll see you in the next one.


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Last Updated: 22 Apr 2020
Created: 12 Feb 2020
85 28 0

Commander - 1 cards (1 distinct)


Mainboard - 99 cards (81 distinct)

Creature (28)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (33)
Land (37)
Planeswalker (1)

Maybeboard - 8 cards (8 distinct)


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