Alchemy - Revel Bombs

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Combo Jank


This deck seeks to take full advantage of Cabaretti Revelsimage to do hilarious things.



  • Grinning Ignusimage can re-cast its self for 1 red, triggering Revels many times in a turn.
  • Antique Collectorimage can put all your creatures back in the deck, so they are available to pop right back out.  This is great for a number of ETBs, but especially useful for Goldhoundimage.  In longer games, you'll find yourself intentionally giving your opponents good trades, just to get your creatures back in your deck so you have some more Revels ammo.


Important Cards:

  • Prosperous Innkeeperimage is the most important non-combo card.  As a low-cost card, you'll easily hit them with Revel, netting some mana.  You will then also end-up with many of them on the field, gaining LOTS of life. 4x Innkeeper + 2x Revel * 4 creature casts per turn (due to Ignus) = 48 life per turn.
  • Card Advantage: Ominous Travelerimage to infinitly recur 2-4 drops.  Hollowhenge Wranglerimage to turn all late flood into 5 drops.  Toski, Bearer of Secretsimage, to do Toski things (also nice to have uncounterable 4 drops for Revel triggers).
  • Ashaya, Soul of the Wildimage, is both huge from all the creatures, and provides lots of mana to keep your engine going.
  • There is quite a bit of Treasure flowing through this engine, so Goldspan Dragonimage often doesn't even want to risk swinging in.
  • Getting In:  This deck is heavy on weenies, so even with a large board, it can be hard to find a way in.  Cards like Elegant Entourageimage, Saryth, the Viper's Fangimage, Venom Connoisseurimage, and Orge Battledriver help overcome sizing issues.

Deck Composition:

  • This is one of the few decks where card variety is actually good.  Since it's so easy to empty all the creatures from your deck onto the field, the variety doesn't deminish your decks predictability.  More over, the extra variety means your mob gets a longer list of super powers each turn.
  • This deck is fairly win-more, because it can do absolutly rediculous things, but it's full of weaknesses, so it should lean on going big fast, and not get too bogged down with responses.  It also isn't be fast enough to beat red aggro or be considered reliable aggro, so it's BO1 all the way, and will never be competative as it relies too heavily on Revels.

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Last Updated: 10 Jun 2022
Created: 08 Jun 2022
357 119 0

Mainboard - 60 cards (25 distinct)

Creature (32)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (8)
Land (20)

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