Historic - Optimized NPE Day 1 Build

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Budget Mono-White Life Matters

This deck is built off the card synergy of the Keep the Peace, Mono-white NPE Color Challenge Deck. It may be the very first deck you have on Arena, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a lot to offer. Cards like Hallowed Priestimage and Impassioned Oratorimage combine so easily with the "Life matters" mechanic at the core of White since Arena was introduced. This style deck builds itself year after year, and translates well into other formats with budget friendly options.

I highly recommend getting to know these decks, and consider wildcards to support it in other formats. A sinple search for "life" in the format will bring up a number of high synergy options, but here are a few of my favorites.


Soul Warden is classic Magic the Gathering card, and truly has everything you want for this deck. It's a one drop, adding tremendouse value to the board on the first turn, which so many decks struggle to create value on turn one. She is also a Cleric, so she synergiesies well with the tribal undertones we have seen in the 2021-2023 budget season.

Healers Hawk is another classic one-drop commons, which is very at home in this deck. It's evasion also makes it a great fit for the Angelic Exaltationimage or the All That Glittersimage decks in eternal formats.


Moment of Triumph is THE combat trick for this deck in Eternal formats. It creates so much synergy driven value, often winning combats on +2 fronts. I can't tell you how many opponents have enter the scoop phase after being blown out by this simple common.


Most years NPE Collections gives players a W/X Legondary uncommon, and plenty of reasons to play around wth this mechanic, but for those looking for a budget Mono-White Brawl Commander, Daxos is pretty much my go-to recommendation. With a (WW) casting cost, it comes down early, which is what this mechanic wan'ts out of it's enablers. It offers a secondary trigger, as creatures die, and gets stronger the more (W) mana pips you have on the field, complicating your opponents attempts to remove it. Add in the repeatable nature of Commanders, and he adds a sort of enevitability to the mechanic.


These cards increase your inabler density of the deck, making nearly everything you do trigger life gain, and all the resulting payoffs. "Automated" enablers like Leonin Vanguard, which require no other input from you, means less turns without a life gain trigger, and the beneficaial payoffs.


I belive most players will find decks which are better positioned before they consider investing higher rarity wildcards, but these three are prime examples of what a rare should do for you in the deck.


Mythic wildcards are often examples of "win more" and should only be invested by the most dedicated life gain players. Often you can find the same or similiar effect at a lower wildcard value.




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Last Updated: 16 Sep 2023
Created: 10 Jul 2022
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Mainboard - 60 cards (20 distinct)

Creature (25)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (14)
Land (20)
Planeswalker (1)

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