Alchemy - BigDumb Green- Day1 NPE Zero Wildcards

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Big Dumb Green may be the most Timmy place you can start on MtG Arena (or Magic in general), but it is deck archetype which speaks to many players, and is so simple that I usually start each new Budget Seaon with one or more version of this deck. This archetype could not be simpler, play big creatures and turn them sideways until you win the game. Simple and easy does not have to mean bad! This write up will focus on the cards from the NPE collection, and how to rebuild the deck for any given year, using only the cards I know you have for FREE.

If we start our discussion with the Large and in Charge (mono-green NPE Color challenge deck) we quickly see cards like Gigantosaurusimage and Rampaging Brontodonimage show what this archetype is really all about. These bombs must be answered, or will threaten to take over the game with ease. Sentinal Spider with it's Vigilance and Reach keywords shows just how defensive this deck can be, while not giving up it's ability to attack effectivly.

Ilysian Caryatidimage and Woodland Mysticimage privide crucial ramping (acceleratign your man curve beyond one land per turn) and allows you to play those Big Dumb Creatures before your opponent is prepared to deal with them. Supporting the ramp concept into the 3-drop portion of the deck is often recommended, but keep in mind that ramp spells are often dead draws in the mid to late game, so don't go overboard. You should notice that this sort of deck will run far more 4 -5 drops than it does 3 drops, because it expects to accelerate into the upper curve, and often skip playing a 3 drop early on.

Rabid Biteimage is a fine example of a very Green removal spell, where your creatures pull double duty as the blunt of your creature removel. In contrast, Affectionate Indrikimage is a far lesser example of remove. It's high casting cost for it's base stats often means it is either not removing a significant enough threat for the extra mana, or simply dying in the process and you don't really benefit from the creature functionaluty of the card. I'd only run these in cases where better removal just isn't available, but better examples can often be found in you other (X/G) NPE decks.

Jungle Delverimage along with Stony Strengthimage both hint to a +1/+1 counter them which can often be found (even if only as a sub-theme) in your other NPE decks. If no such support is available, these cards may need to be replaced with more effective early plays and combat tricks. They just don't synergize enough on their own to justify their slots in the deck. Baloth Packhunterimage futher emphesizes the +1/+1 counter theme, but should definatley be removed in any Singleton version of the deck, as it only supports other copies of itself.

Fairly vanilla creatures like Wildwood Patrolimage and Rumbling Balothimage are usually easy cuts for other creatures adding more utility to the board state. Some "traps" do raise their head here. Colossal Majestyimage encourages you to take the third turn off, in hope of future card advantage, when developing your board state if often the better idea. While it certainly scratches that Timmy itch, cards like Epic Proportionsimage are refered to as "win more" and should be eliminated as soon as higher impact cards are acquired.

Once you are familier with the BDG concepts found in the deck, upgrading is often just as siple as looking at the Rare and Mythis (or otherwise high impact) cards in your other (X/G) NPE decks.



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Last Updated: 18 Oct 2022
Created: 19 Jul 2022
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Mainboard - 60 cards (19 distinct)

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Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (11)
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