Standard - Simic Ooze

18 43
21 11 4 24

Mainboard - 60 cards (20 distinct)

Creature (21)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (11)
Land (24)
Planeswalker (4)

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A midrange deck that built up around synergy with [[Wilderness Reclamation]].




  • [[Biogenic Ooze]]thou its only 2x2/2 for 5 mana, it can make you an army of growing oozes. It's ability have great synergy with [[Wilderness Reclamation]] and will work even better with [[Nissa, Who Shakes the World]].
  • [[Frilled Mystic]] - this guy gonna deliver a lot of problems to your opponent. It have hard cast, but the fact that you can play turn 4 [[Wilderness Reclamation]] and then have him to counter enemy spell plus put a body on the battlefield makes it worth to put in this deck
  • [[Growth-Chamber Guardian]] - good early threat for opponent or removal/damage sink.
  • [[Hydroid Krasis]] - simply the best card in standart in simic colors. It draws, it heals, it flies. What else do you need? The fact that with [[Vivien, Champion of the Wilds]] and [[Wilderness Reclamation]] it can be played as giant body pretty early is even better.
  • [[Incubation Druid]] - ramps you up, and after adapting becomes a decent blocker.
  • [[Wilderness Reclamation]] - the cornerstone of this deck. Untaps you mana for counterspells or adapts. With [[Vivien, Champion of the Wilds]] it allows you play creatures both your and enemy's turn, or play giant creatures early.
  • [[Wizard's Retort]] - simple counterspell that will become cheaper, once you have [[Frilled Mystic]] on the battlefield.
  • [[Dive Down]] - works both good as defense from direct removal or as combat trick.
  • [[Awakening of Vitu-Ghazi]] - basicly a giant creature, that you can play on turn 5 (or 4 with [[Incubation Druid]]) at opponent's end step. Or you can use it as sudden finisher.
  • [[Vivien, Champion of the Wilds]] - her passive has great synergy with [[Wilderness Reclamation]]. +1 will provide you with air defense. -2 will help you dig for a creatures, when its needed.
  • [[Karn's Bastion]] - good with pumping up your creatures and plansewalkers. With [[Wilderness Reclamation]] can be used twice, which increases oozes growth rate or can make your Nissa ult faster.
  • [[Nissa, Who Shakes the World]] - does a lot for this deck. Makes you more creatures. Increases your mana which helps you to make even more Oozes. But sometimes she can make you wrose. You can loose all you mana if opponent starts to remove you lands.
  • [[Simic Ascendancy]] - can be your alternative win-con as the amount of counters you placing is huge. 


  • [[Mesmerizing Benthid]] - great card in terms of stopping enemy agression. Works good in agro and agressive midrange match-ups
  • [[Crushing Canopy]] - if flyers or enemy enchantments gives you a headache. Good in drake, nexus, reclamation, esper (who plays [[Thief of Sanity]]), grixis match-ups. Sometimes worth to pick it against Gruuls who plays [[Skarrgan Hellkite]]
  • [[Herald of Secret Streams]] - can help you in creature-heavy match-ups. Grow your power with oozes and Growth-Chamber Guardian for 1 single strike, then play this dude and win game right away. You can replace [[Wizard's Retort]] with it in your main, if you confident with just [[Frilled Mystic]] as your countermagic.
  • [[Negate]] - more countermagic for controls, mono-red or another spell-based deck
  • [[River's Rebuke]] - works good in midrange and tokens match-ups. You can stand in defense and build up your ooze army, and then win the game simply by playing this card and going lethal.
  • [[Sorcerous Spyglass]] - to disable enemy plansewalkers or non-mana abilities that you have problems with.
  • [[Thrash // Threat]] - decent removal which will help you to deal with planeswalkers aswell
  • [[Kasmina, Enigmatic Mentor]] - found this planeswalker really good in spells-based and mono-red match-ups. She provides you with body, which will loot you a card  and can block or attack. But what more important is that she increase the amount of mana, an enemy must spend for his removal.

P.S. I'll probably make some changes in future when WAR will be released and I will play this deck more than now: with friends with proxies.

Edit №1: So after playing lots of matches with different deck variation I've come to conclusion that [[Nissa, Who Shakes The World]] should be reduced to 1 and 1 Viven added instead. Yes, her creature generation and mana ramp is good. But her cost and risk of lands would be destroyed is too high. And having creatures with flash, especially with [[Wilderness Reclamation]] is so damn good.

Edit №2: So I discovered, that most hard match-ups for this decks are: Boros Feather, Mono-red and Ral Counterburn. Against Feather it depends a lot of your starting hand and the amount of pressure you can hold, until you resolve your Ooze or Krasis. Against Mono-red things go highly more easy after sideboarding, but as with Feather deck it depends much on you starting game (you don't want to pick hands without 2-mana drops). Against Ral Counterburn you simply loose in counterspell game, and most of your creatures will die to enemy burn. However I found that Kasmina giving a real headache to any spell based deck and mono-red.


Last Updated: 12 May 2019
Created: 20 Apr 2019
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I swapped Dive Down with Lazotep Plating in my MB, and dropped a Negate, replaced Crushing Canopy with Vivien Reid, and added a Carnage Tyrant in my SB. Still running my Spark Doubles, and love being able to make a copy of whatever is annoying my opponent most on board, such as Kasmina against Ral Infinite Combo lol
@vMorfinv & @WinterSoldier: Thanks! I ended up crafting the Benthid's anyway lol. I just won a super tense Bo3 against gruul aggro, and benthid was the MVP of game 2. This deck is such a blast to play!
This is by far my favorite deck to play in MTG Arena at the moment, and I calls it Biggest Oozer
@JakeMD: as WinterSoldier mentoined, you can get Sleep, but it is still not the best option. I know, you don't want to waste your mythic wild cards in MTGA for card that play only 1-2 builds. I was lucky enough to get 1 of them from drafts and 1 from booster pack. Pros of Sleep is that it stops flyers aswell thou. You can also try to exchange 4 Llanowar Elves for 4 Paradise Druid and remove 2 Incubation Druid + 1 Simic Ascendancy for 3 Bond of Flourishing. Better vs agro, but worse vs other
Not the OP but I believe Mesmerizing Benthid is in the SB to slow down decks like mono red and creature heavy decks; a card I can think of that would serve a similar purpose would be Sleep, and at one lower mana cost, although it will not leave a 4/5 body on the board.
This list is super fun to play! I made the substitutions with spark doubles as another commenter did, for lack of the Oozes.

Any recommendations for substitutions for Mesmerizing Benthid? I haven't seen them in a lot of other lists so I'm not too keen on crafting 2 of them.
I just won a game by Spark Doubling my Nissa
@Winter Soldier: Yeah, nice idea man. I thought to add 2 Spark Doubles there aswell, as long as they works well with Vivien too. Probably will test it out nesxt week.
I only have 2 Biogenic Oozes so I threw in two Spark Doubles and deck still seems to function well
Sorry guys, forgot to cut down 1 Wizard's Retort
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