Mono U Tempo Bo1 Mythic

Arena Standard

19 21 0 20

Mainboard - 60 cards (13 distinct)

Creature (19)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (21)
Land (20)

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 This list took me to Mythic due to the large amount of control decks I was seeing. It can beat anything but is very reliant on a good starting hand. Mulligan to get it and trust that curios obsession will help you recover. 

This deck has a lot of tricks, learn them and be creative and you will find wins where you don't expect them. Be aggressive this deck needs to set the pace, race aggro decks and only consider defense when the math looks bad.

Hot tips.

Trickster can kill Adanto after they attack hit it and block it, can tap down a blocker at ops EOT, etc

Siren Stormtamer can counter Settle and Risk Factor or other stuff that targets player. of course creatures too. It can do this the turn its summoned and even when tapped.

Warkites, can take out flying blockers like Angels etc.

Diamond mares really mess with RDW but you may need to change the pace and protect them this is a tough match-up but a few life and good blockers vs the 1 def bodies give you a decent chance.

Your counters should handle the sweepers. (Clarions, Golden Demise, Settles, Ritual of Soot, Nova etc)

Good luck and have fun!





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Last Updated: 30 Jan 2019
Created: 07 Jan 2019
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Main/Sideboard Rarity Count
13 23 4 0 0
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