Standard - [Arena] Golgari Saprolings

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Golgari Saprolings, Version 1.1

The stars of this deck are:

  • [[Path of Discovery]] - You'll be generating quite a few Saproling tokens, it's going to be great to have each one Explore when they enter the battlefield, potentially making them bigger, and triggering our next card.

  • [[Wildgrowth Walker]] - Triggers each time a creature you control explores. Especially effective in this deck as you have a large number of creatures hitting your side of the board.

  • [[Golgari Findbroker]] - This is in here to bring back your key synergistic cards that are going to have huge targets on their backs; [[Tendershoot Dryad]], [[Vraska, Golgari Queen]], [[Wildgrowth Walker]], etc.

The key is to get your lower-cost threats out early to stall your opponent's attacks. As you build your board-state into [[Tendershoot Dryad]], all of your little Saprolings shouldn't be so little thanks to [[Path of Discovery]].

What would you add/change about this deck to make it faster, or more effective? Would love to hear recommendations!


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Last Updated: 24 Oct 2018
Created: 27 Sep 2018
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