Standard - Ravnica Goblins

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You want constant, relentless aggression right from the start. You do dream of an angry army rushing straight to their dead for your victory. You need Goblins !


This deck is heavily inspired by Strictly better MtGs goblin deck from before the rotation, and got tested by Andreliverod on the Arena stream event, to great success. My thanks to both of them.


A different version, or maybe even an upgrade to this deck would be the Boros Goblins by Noxious


The idea behind this deck is to attack the opponent early, putting many goblins on the field, using their abilities to keep up the aggression, and finish the game by throwing our living ammunition with [[Siege-Gang Commander]] or go for one last overwhelming attack after disabling our opponents blockers with [[Cosmotronic Wave]].

This deck can win, more often than you'd think even, but it is not the new Tier 1 deck. But it is fun and relativly cheap in Arena

And always remember, goblins are replaceable.


 4x [[Fanatical Firebrand]]

The first goblin we send to the field is an old friend, sure he is only a 1/1 for 1, but aside from having haste, the Firebrand can also act as removal, especially [[Llanowar Elves]] are a nice target here. And if the game comes close to an end, and all we need is 1 more damage to your opponent, you will love this little guy.


4x [[Skirk Prospector]]

Another 1/1 for 1, but this time with the ability to sacrifice himself or his friends for more red mana. Prospector allows us to sometimes play a three drop on turn two, allows us to run a few lands less, and because of that send more goblins into war, and yes we can pay the ability of [[Siege-Gang Commander]] by sacrificing our army.


4x [[Goblin Instigator]]

This time we get 2 1/1 goblins, for 2 mana. Sure it's just a bear, divided into two bodies, but it is more fodder for our Prospector and Commander. Part of our plan is to go wide, to have more bodies, and Instigator helps with that.


4x [[Goblin Cratermaker]]

2/2 for 2 mana, another bear. But this one can act as removal for creatures in our way, at least for many early creatures, and if our opponent plays [[Karn, Scion of Urza]] or other colorless nonland permanents, we do have a way to deal with that.


2x [[Goblin Warchief]]

A 2/2 for 3 mana, giving himself and all other goblins haste is already nice. And the Warchief also makes many of our goblins cheaper. Sounds like a good deal, but since there are many goblins that want to oin the battle on our side, 2 Warchiefs must be enough.


4x [[Goblin Chainwhirler]]

Nobody will be surprised to see the Chainwhirler here, his ability to deal 1 damage to pretty much everything our opponent has, including said opponent, is rightfully feared, and being a 3/3 with first strike is really nice as well. His "downside" of costing 3 red mana doesn't really matter in a deck that's completly red either, all 4 of them is a must have for any goblin tribe.


2x [[Legion Warboss]]

Again only 2/2 for 2 mana, but the Warboss gives us another attacking 1/1 each round, and if he attacks himself as well we can put a +1/+1 counter on one of our weak bodies. If you play this deck in Arena be a bit careful with this card, since his 1/1 token automaticly attacks, you can't just press the attack with all button anymore, it gets turned into attack with the selected creatures instead.


4x [[Goblin Trashmaster]]

A 3/3 goblin for 4 mana, but he gives all our other goblins +1/+1. The more little green bodies we have on the battlefield, the better this one gets, and that fits into our gameplan. That alone would be reason enough to get 4 Trashmasters in our army. He also gives us the ability to destroy some annoying artifacts, at the cost of another goblin. Good thing that we plan to have many of those.


4x [[Volley Veteran]]

What would a deck be without any kind of removal ? And if that removal not only comes with a 4/2 body but also gets stronger the more greenlings we have on board, it's well worth 4 cards and 4 mana. And don't forget that the Veteran counts himself when it comes to the damage he deals on entering the battlefield.


2x [[Cosmotronic Wave]]

Here comes our first finisher. 4 mana to deal 1 damage to each creature our opponent fields isn't stellar, but disabling their ability to block is great. If we play this at the right moment, it can and will win us games when our opponent thinks he's quite safe. And token decks will not be happy to see this card on the stack.


4x [[Siege-Gang Commander]]

Our other finisher. The commander himself is a bit weak with only 2/2, but for the cost of 5 mana he comes with 3 1/1 tokens, who we can use as ammunition for his ability. If we can't break the defense our opponent builds against us, we'll just throw our guys right at his face and win that way.


22x [[Mountain]]


Have fun :)

Last Updated: 05 Oct 2018
Created: 22 Sep 2018
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