Standard - Bant Proliferate

5 28 33
17 15 4 24
Midrange Combo
Main 60 cards (20 distinct)
Planeswalker (4)
Creature (17)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (15)
Land (24)
Side 7 cards (3 distinct)

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Theres this great card called voracious hydra. For 6 mana it gets 8/20 of your win con. For 12 mana it's an instant win. If you control nissa and have 5 forests you win.
A few suggestions of cards that I would put in such a deck.

-Karn's Bastion
-Courage in Crisis
-Pledge of Unity
-Bloom Hulk
Hmm not sure I could add in some white and see what happens
I really want this archetype to work but most times it never even kicks in second gear. I think there is something missing to make it really go off. Maybe some early plays. Against simic flash the deck cant even breathe.
is there a place for nissa ?
Honestly, I think you need to work in 2-4x Summer Veil to protect your win condition. You arent running any counters so creature removal would wreck this deck. Run this with Ambusher to have a steady stream of creatures, chump blocks and an alternate win condition.

On a side note, I'm thinking of dropping 2 copies of Simic Ascendency into either my Elementals or Flash deck and see what happens (Sideboard, mind you)
I will put 1 more in because the card is to much for my budget
krasis is a great card since it gains life, refills your hand and can be a beater. helps rebuild after a board wipe as well
Is it better? I did not add in 2 more krasis because of budget.
Hey my suggestions depending on your budget

- up to 4x krasis if you can
- growth chamber guardian
- grow for the ashes seems a bit out of place
- merfolk skydiver instead of brianborn
- sharkocrab perhaps or zegana?
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