Arena Standard - Azorius Mill v1.3 RNA (Bo1)

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4 32 0 24

:: Azorius Mill Bo1 ::

My take on Azorius Mill (without Teferi). I will be working on this deck off and on and I imagine it will change quite a bit over the next week or two. Please let me know what you would change so I can test things out <3. Feel free to leave a comment here, message me on Twitch, on Waifu;Gate's Discord Server, or on The Official Aetherhub Discord (tusen takk Andre!).

People requested a version of the deck with [[Teferi, Hero of Dominaria]] and while I do not condone the usage of such evil cards, I made one anyways. You can find it here.

:: Notes ::

I tried out the deck with a couple [[Induced Amnesia]]s but it was way too janky (although it was hilarious). This version of the deck is a lot more consistent and can actually perform decently in the current meta.

I have also tried the list with [[Teferi, Hero of Dominaria]] instead of the [[Dawn of Hope]] + [[Immortal Sun]] combo. Not having creatures (besides the tokens) or planeswalkers makes a lot of your opponent's cards dead in their hand. Almost every deck is teched to deal with planeswalkers in Bo1 and never playing Teferi definitely gives you an edge. My winrate with this version of the deck over the Teferi version is much higher. You can always give both versions a try though :)

The Maybeboard cards are for those of you who enjoy jank more than winning games.

:: Updates ::

v1.0 :: Haven't made any changes to the deck yet but I hit Gold in Ranked really quickly with the deck. Going to keep playing it in Ranked and see how things go. I feel like I can bump up the number of [[Settle the Wreckage]]s, normally you don't want to ramp your opponent constantly but with this deck if they take lands out of their deck then you just mill them faster. Also thinking about cutting [[Opt]] and [[Search for Azcanta]] for more board clears and possibly [[Ritual of Rejuvenation]]s.

v1.1 :: Dropped 2 [[Search for Azcanta]] for an extra [[Revitalize]] and [[The Immortal Sun]]. Having the draw from [[The Immortal Sun]] close to on curve helps a ton with speeding up the mill and finding answers.

v1.2 :: Dropped to Gold 4 playing random jank decks and after playing this version I am back up to Gold 1. Will just keep grinding with this version of the deck and (maybe) stop messing around with weird ideas I have. I dropped the second [[Immortal Sun]] for another [[Seal Away]] and dropped an [[Opt]] for an extra [[Ixalan's Binding]]. I was using 4 [[Fountain of Renewal]]s and having a lot of fun healing for 40+ throughout a game against midrange, but I would rather draw an actual answer, so I will just stick to 3 copies. Oh, I also added 1 [[Detection Tower]] because using [[Ixalan's Binding]] on [[Carnage Tyrant]] or a [[Tempest Djinn]] that has been [[Dive Down]]ed never gets old.

v1.3 :: Updated the list to what I will be testing when Ravnica Allegiance releases. Still on the fence about [[Wall of Lost Thoughts]] and if it is worth including. Will be fun trying out the new cards.



Is there anyway to deal with decks running Gaea's Blessing?
Yup, opt is just there for early mana fixing or a cheap way to look for answers.
Wouldn't chart or radical be better than opt for the card draw or is opt just for early play?
Sorry for the late reply. You basically just want some early action in your opening hand. If the land is iffy but you have an Opt or two to try and fix it then I keep the hand. Seal Away, Revitalize, a single Corrosion - that sort of thing.
Thanks for this list running it as is rather successfully about 83%win rate in best of 1's
Psychic and some draw, Seal away and fountain? Im a newb too.
What's the optimal starting hand here? I'm a newbie and crafted this.
I haven't tried running with 2 Immortal Pogs, but it is a good idea. Usually I just hope for the best :P
How to deal with Vivian + Big Vraska on curve with only 1 Immortal Sun D:
I vote for saving wildcards for the next set if you aren't sure about crafting a deck. There should be plenty of fun stuff to try out next set :)
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Last Updated: 16 Jan 2019
Created: 13 Dec 2018
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15103 203 13

Mainboard - 60 cards (18 distinct)

Creature (4)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (32)
Land (24)

Maybeboard - 2 cards (2 distinct)

Main/Sideboard Rarity Count
8 21 16 1 0
0 0 0 0 0

Mainboard - 60 cards (18 distinct)

4 Wall of Lost Thoughts
3 Settle the Wreckage
2 Ixalan's Binding
1 The Immortal Sun
3 Seal Away
4 Psychic Corrosion
1 Patient Rebuilding
2 Cleansing Nova
4 Revitalize
4 Fountain of Renewal
2 Dawn of Hope
2 Chemister's Insight
4 Thought Collapse
6 Island
4 Glacial Fortress
2 Memorial to Genius
8 Plains
4 Hallowed Fountain

Maybeboard - 2 cards (2 distinct)

1 Navigator's Ruin
1 Induced Amnesia

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