Arena Standard - UR (Izzet) Seven Dwarves (Under $30)

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The Deck:

Ever since the release of Throne of Eldraine. There was a whole bunch of cards that caught might eye. One of those was [[Seven Dwarves]] The card states you can have up to 7 copies! But what would happen if we make extra copies of the card? Using cards like [[Spark Double]], [[Mirror March]], and [[Quasiduplicate]] for endless dwarves. The goal is to overrun the opponent with more than seven dwarves.

I decided to try a budget-friendly casual deck where everyone can try. :)

The Main Creatures:

The main creatures in this deck are [[Seven Dwarves]] and [[Spark Double]]. Pretty straight forward. Using [[Spark Double]] to make the dwarves fatter.

{{Seven Dwarves}} {{Spark Double}}

The Other Creatures:

The support creatures in this deck are [[Beamsplitter Mage]], [[League Guildmage]], and [[Rimrock Knight.]] As [[Beamsplitter Mage]] ability states whenever an instant or sorcery targets it, create a copy and you may choose new targets. With the help of Boulder Rush (Rimrock Knight adventure} giving your creature +2/+0 and targeting one of your dwarves for extra more damage or to kill annoying creatures that try to block you. This can save you in certain situations. You can also copy that spell using [[League Guildmage]] ability. 

{{Beamsplitter Mage}} {{League Guildmage}} {{Rimrock Knight}}

The Copy Spells:

This deck has two copy spells which are [[Mirror March]] and [[Quasiduplicate]]. Mirror March is our enchantment that creatures multiple creatures with haste (Remember, those tokens exile as the beginning of your next end-step. As you play one of the [[Seven Dwarves]] the enchantment ability will trigger and for each head, you make a copy of that creature you just played. If everything goes well this can be a game-ender. Quasiduplicate is straight forward. Copy the [[Seven Dwarves]] and make them grow. What makes it more fun as it has jump-start.

{{Mirror March}} {{Quasiduplicate}}

The Control:

This deck is running [[Frogify]], [[Lava Coil]], and a single [[Shock]]. Frogify helps against annoying creatures with trigger abilities or larger creatures that we would have a hard time against. Some examples, [[Realm-Cloaked Giant]], [[Lovestruck Beast]], etc.  [[Lava coil]] is our godsend to help get rid of cards like, [[Knight of the Ebon Legion]], [[Questing Beast]], [[Rankle, Master of Pranks]], and many more. As for the single shock, I just added for situational purposes. Either targeting a planeswalker or removing a pesky creature like, [[Gilded Goose]] or [[Paradise Druid]].

{{Frogify}} {{Lava Coil}} {{Shock}}


The lands are pretty straight forward on his deck. Since we are on a budget, we are running a set of [[Izzet Guildgate]] and [[Swiftwater Cliffs]] As well as, 8x Island and 8x Mountain.


The deck is fun! I will be planning to do a non-budget version of this deck. Enjoy. :)


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Last Updated: 12 Oct 2019
Created: 10 Oct 2019
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