Arena Standard - Draw Power (Azorius)

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Control Jank

I have a deck that is only for true degenerates (I myself started as a modern Jeskai control player so trust me, I know). Yes it is a truly cancerous UW deck that promises to remove your opponent from the game entirely. I created it during the Teferi-pocalypse as proof that [[Teferi, Hero of Dominaria]] is not the problem with UW. In fact the problem with Azorius is that wizards keeps printing cards that make magic a single player game and Teferi is just an extension of that philosophy.

Joking aside I actually created this deck to quickly complete quests for gold but then decided to give it a chance to win with [[Jace, Wielder of Mysteries]] after I lost 5 games straight by decking out after 15-20 turns. Since then It has actually provided me countless wins by literally preventing the other player from playing magic. Don't misunderstand though the deck isn't a meta changer as it really only catches the opponent off guard.

The goal of the deck is simply to draw cards until you can slap Jace down on your last turn to win the game. If your opponent is playing creatures keep using cards like [[Depose // Deploy]], [[Revitalize]], [[Sleep]], and [[Code of Constraint]] to delay them. Then use sweepers like [[Cleansing Nova]], [[Time Wipe]], and [[Settle the Wreckage]] to remove those pesky creatures from the game.

[[Commence the Endgame]] Is a really good card, uncounterable and it almost always creates a big body, all that and it still helps to complete the main objective as well.

[[Revitalize]] Is the secret MVP though. The life-gain from [[Revitalize]] really allows you to use life as a resource as much as possible here. Pop it while they have a few creatures on board to bait the opponent into over-committing then slap em with the sweeper. 

Speaking of sweepers I'm not going to elaborate on [[Time Wipe]] or [[Cleansing Nova]] because it's pretty obvious what those cards do. I will however talk about everyone's favorite card to play around...

[[Settle the Wreckage]] is a really interesting card, it will almost always get your opponent on the first use, then after that they play really scared for the rest of the game. You want that, the more nervous the enemy plays the longer the game will take and the more time you have to deck out. I would also take note of what cards the opposing player is running, if it seems like they might run some indestructible cards save [[Settle the Wreckage]] for those guys.

[[Planar Cleansing]] provides much needed planes cleaning as before 2020 decks with planeswalkers were really hard to beat, but now they fall into the same boat as everyone else!!! No one is safe! 
Mono red? Meet leyline. 
Esper? HAHA Make me discard??? I have infinite card draw!!!! 
Creature based deck? Good luck getting lethal with all these sweepers!

This deck can go into best of threes however it is really hard to beat [[Narset, Parter of Veils]] as she literally hard counters our play style. [[Ixalan's Binding]] or [[Prison Realm]] might need to be slotted in for that possibility.

Honestly the best decks against this deck are the ones that don't care about interacting with you themselves. Or decks that are combo focused. I feel bad playing this deck but I promise that it is actually a lot of fun to play. I am afraid for the sanity of anyone that has to play 20 turns against it though.

Good Luck degenerates!


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Last Updated: 19 Aug 2019
Created: 07 Jul 2019
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