Limited - 7/5 Core 2020 Prerelease Sealed

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Participated in Core 2020 Pre-release on 7/5 at 9pm PST. This is the 40 cards I stuck with in my limited deck for the night, pulling a decent ration of 2 - 1. I went with a elemental build with a some utility all around, general removal and plenty of card draw. Every game, I plowed through my deck thanks to audacious thief. It wasn't until game 2 or later in the match when thief was targed with blocking over my big beaters such as Lavakin Brawler. I was fortunate that my 6 packs had a good spread of cmc's for the colors I chose. While nothing in my deck is flashy by any means, the only good pulls I had really were Shared Summons and Graffdigger's Cage, it wasn't worth finding a spot for the artificat in the 40 and green overall was disappointing for me overall in my puls. Early life gain and deathtouch, recurssion from the yard with the Sanitarium Skeleton was definitely useful later in game to stop a large beater from coming into me each combat.

Match 1: 2-0

Game 1: Won. The deck performed how I imaged. Early creatures in the 1 and 2 drop slot did work, coming down before the other player. Cloudkin was probably the most valuable card. 2/1 flyer which draws me a card, on top of making Lavakin Brawler a must be blocked creature. My removal came through at good times, either through damage or Sleep Paralysis. Ended at 17 life to their soon to be 0 at a scoop.

Game 2: Won. Same as game 1, elementals came through big time. Honestly, if you see a Flamekin Brawler, bruild around it, she counts herself in her buff. 


Match 2: 1-2

Game 1: Loss. Fell victim to my own land counting. I decided to run 15 lands in my deck seeing as my average cost was 2 and 3 mana with few things over 4 and even fewer at 5. I couldn't find a black source to get down my double black cards and slowly died to small fliers.

Game 2: Won. Things ran smoothly. Drew my removal to take care of the smaller fliers. They chose to chump the Cloudkins to remove them from the field to make Flamekin Brawler smaller over the game which traded them as well. Drew my removal to keep the way open for my 3/4 to get through the match.

Game 3: Loss. I learned through gameplay that homeboy cracked 2 Cavaliers in his box. Those are hard to deal with. Wasn't even close, especially considering he was able to bring them back from the yard from destruction. Particularily the black one, that lifelink is brutal when you're just looking to clear the way and cut someone down, 2, 3, or 4 damage a turn.


Match 3: 2-0

Game 1: Won. I feel like my deck was fairly matched. He was trying to run a longer game with some cheap chumpers in the air and small deathtouchers on the ground. Fortunately my removal came through and helped get my damage through and my card draw helped me get there.

Game 2: Won. Same as the first game, I feel like my plan was just better suited against theirs, which was defending unti lthey could get their big threats and bombs down.



Overall, Core 2020 was a blast to draft and play. It was fun playing an elemental tribal and seeing what else could be done. I will be doing a two-headed giant draft on Sunday which should also be a blast as there are some gross things you can do in that format.

On another note, I used my winnings to get some WAR Japanese packs and got the chase card from it, an alternate art Liliana. Which really really really made my night.


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