Team Jankyard

Team Jankyard is a team of players who love jank in MTG in one form or another. The team is managed by JT, MTG content creator who manages The Jankyard stream and content channels.

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User Role Date

Team Members

jankyardmtg Leader 6/29/2020
aripari6 Participant 6/29/2020
DannBjorn Participant 6/29/2020
pantlessbatman Participant 6/29/2020
Gnahmean Participant 7/4/2020
Team_Thor_Braveheart Participant 7/4/2020
Season 19
Placement Name Winrate
1. pantlessbatman
Diamond Tier 4
55 wins 39 losses 0 draws
2. DannBjorn
Gold Tier 3
2 wins 3 losses 0 draws
Season 19
Placement Name Winrate
1. pantlessbatman
Bronze Tier 2
0 wins 2 losses 0 draws
2. DannBjorn
Bronze Tier 4
0 wins 0 losses 0 draws

Teams Open Beta

Community teams are now available for the public but we are still working adding more funtions. You can now create your own teams and have other users join, you will then have your own ranking ladder on the website and inside the extension.

We look forward to letting you create your own community and compete with other teams in our Team ladders. Community teams will be part of the MTGA Assistant extension.

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