Rescue from the Underworld


As an additional cost to cast Rescue from the Underworld, sacrifice a creature.
Choose target creature card in your graveyard. Return that card and the sacrificed card to the battlefield under your control at the beginning of your next upkeep. Exile Rescue from the Underworld.

  Theros (THS)
#102, Uncommon

Illustrated by: Raymond Swanland
Multiverse ID: 373532

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  • 2013-09-15
    Once you announce you're casting Rescue from the Underworld, no player may attempt to stop you from casting the spell by removing the creature you want to sacrifice.
  • 2013-09-15
    If you sacrifice a creature token to cast Rescue from the Underworld, it won't return to the battlefield, although the target creature card will.
  • 2013-09-15
    If either the sacrificed creature or the target creature card leaves the graveyard before the delayed triggered ability resolves during your next upkeep, it won't return.
  • 2013-09-15
    However, if the sacrificed creature is put into another public zone instead of the graveyard, perhaps because it's your commander or because of another replacement effect, it will return to the battlefield from the zone it went to.
  • 2013-09-15
    Rescue from the Underworld is exiled as it resolves, not later as its delayed trigger resolves.
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