Cry of the Carnarium


All creatures get -2/-2 until end of turn. Exile all creature cards in all graveyards that were put there from the battlefield this turn. If a creature would die this turn, exile it instead.

If your ears bleed, it's a party. If your eyes bleed, it's a Rakdos party.

  Ravnica Allegiance (RNA)
#70, Uncommon

Illustrated by: Johann Bodin
Multiverse ID: 457214

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  • 2019-01-25
    Creatures that would die after getting -2/-2 will still be on the battlefield when cards are exiled from graveyards. They won’t die, and will instead be exiled after Cry of the Carnarium is entirely finished resolving.
  • 2019-01-25
    Cry of the Carnarium’s replacement effect affects any creature that would die in the turn, even creatures not on the battlefield as it resolves.
  • 2019-01-25
    Cry of the Carnarium’s power-and-toughness-reducing effect affects only creatures on the battlefield at the time it resolves. Creatures that enter the battlefield later in the turn won’t get -2/-2.
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